• New product: Gigaset G-tag

    G-tag. Designed to find.

    Searches, proofs and finds lost or misplaced items.

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  • New: Gigaset elements camera

    Always keeping an eye
    on your home.

    Delivers pictures in HD onto your mobile device.

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  • Dune

    Naturally beautiful.

    Discover elegance and comfort with
    this new phone inspired by the natural
    contours of a sand dune.

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  • SL930A

    Expect more from your
    home phone.

    Communicate. Connect. Control.
    Experience the new Gigaset SL930A
    AndroidTM home phone

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  • Tablets that inspire.

    Discover something new
    from Gigaset.

    Top quality, high performance, unlimited opportunities – for home, office and
    every requirement.

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  • Babymonitor

    For the most important thing in your life, your child.

    More comfort, more safety.

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  • Phonefinder

    Find the right phone.

    Check out your personal favourite.

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Expect more from your phone:
Communicate. Connect. Control.

You love your smartphone’s functionalities, but a landline phone makes for clearer conversations. Now you don’t have to choose between them: the Gigaset SL930A lets you communicate in reliable, brilliant sound quality, connect to the Internet, and download apps to control devices like your TV. You can truly have it all at your fingertips.
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Made in Germany

To create phones that satisfy the demands of modern life is
no easy task. Because of this, we employ some of the best
engineers and designers in the world – people who are
passionate about acoustics, materials science and telephonic
technology – and we use their talents to build the best
phones we possibly can, all at our factory in Bocholt, Germany.
That’s why you’ll find the “Made in Germany” mark on our
phones, a guarantee of this quality.
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