Gigaset phones: Quality to suit any requirement

    Whether high-quality design for your living room or a robust design for the workshop

    Spending hours with your best friend on the phone, telling your grandparents about your holiday or holding a conference call with work colleagues: Making phone calls over the fixed line, despite the proliferation of mobile phones is still very popular - due to the consistently stable connection without dead spots. 

    Gigaset has been a communication expert in telephony for many years and its wide range of phones meets a wide variety of needs. From simple phones with the essential features to premium products with an extensive range of equipment, Gigaset offers the right product for every requirement - for families, senior citizens or companies. The versatile features include an integrated baby monitor, especially large keys or HD sound quality. The new Gigaset HX universal handsets are geared towards IP telephony and give users a high level of convenience, as they are compatible with any Internet router. Discover powerful technology, excellent ergonomics, well-thought-out designs and "Made in Germany" quality.

    Gigaset premium phone SL450HX
    HX phones

    Calling comfort with any router, with the Gigaset HX universal handsets

    When it comes to IP telephony, the Gigaset HX universal handset is your perfect companion. The new models are compatible with any Internet router that has a base station using the DECT data transfer standard. These models give you easy access to the new type of telephony - in HD sound quality.

    Get the most from the benefits of IP telephony

    The future of the telephone network is called IP (Internet Protocol). With Internet telephony — also known as Voice over IP (VoIP) — calls are no longer transferred directly through the telephone line, but as digital data over the Internet via the router. Almost all fixed line providers are converting their connections to IP.

    The benefits of IP telephony for users:
    • Excellent HD-quality sound
    • Parallel calls and conference calls
    • Three numbers per connection
    • Access to the router’s phone book and call lists
      Gigaset telephones
      Gigaset telephones

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