VoIP (Voice over IP) - the latest in phone technology

IP Phones

Phone calls are becoming digital: Almost all connections are now IP based, so most people are already making calls over the Internet. Gigaset products are specially developed to allow you to experience all the advantages of "Voice over IP": outstanding HD sound quality, three numbers per connection and the option to make multiple phone calls at the same time.

Discover the possibilities of digital phone systems

The latest in phone technology offers plenty of new advantages, such as improved sound quality when making calls. Thanks to HD voice technology, conversations sound like they are happening face-to-face and muffled speech is a thing of the past. Gigaset IP phones do not require a base station and do not have to be plugged into existing telephone sockets in your home - a simple step towards reducing your energy consumption. And there are even more ways to save money each month! Switching multiple services such as telephone, Internet and mobile phones to a single provider can significantly reduce your monthly bills.

  • The exclusive telephone with many practical accessibility functions for all routers with DECT basis.
    Universal handset for addition to the following:

    DECT/gap routers
    Routers with DECT/Cat-iq 2.0
    Gigaset DECT base stations

    Talking dialling keys
    Voice announced caller (number or name)
    Direct call transfer via Bluetooth® (4.2) to hearing aids and headsets
    Protection against unwanted calls, telephone advertising and fraud attempts
    Automatic adjustment of ringer and handset volume in noisy environments
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  • A robust handset, perfect for all DECT routers.
    Universal handset to supplement the following:

    Gigaset DECT base stations
    DECT/GAP telephone base stations of other manufacturers
    DECT/GAP routers (e.g., AVM FRITZ!Box)
    Routers with DECT CAT-iq 2.0

    Large black-and-white graphic display, illuminated, with high contrast
    Handsfree talking in best sound quality
    Call block function for up to 32 numbers
    HD Voice with selectable sound profiles
    Telephone book for up to 150 names and numbers with
    Ergonomic keypad made of high quality material
    Long talk and standby time of up to 12 and 180 hours
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  • Easy as child's play.
    Universal handset for addition to the following: 

    - DECT/gap routers
    - Routers with DECT/Cat-iq 2.0
    - Gigaset DECT base stations

    Doubling of the handset volume by pressing the "extra loud" key 
    Emergency call key for up to four SOS numbers
    Excellent acoustics in HD voice
    Lighted panorama colour display for extra-large number display
    LED flashing as visual call display
    Four quick-dial keys for frequently dialled numbers
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