Gigaset Smart Home/Care has been discontinued

The insolvent Gigaset Communications GmbH has discontinued their Smart Home and Smart Care services by March 29, 2024.


Is Gigaset still responsible for Smart Home/Care?

The owner of this website, Gigaset Technologies GmbH, is not responsible for Gigaset Smart Home/Care products and services and is not authorized to use any customer data related to this product nor to provide further information through its communication channels.

Whom do I contact concerning my Smart Home/Care products or services?

If you have any questions concerning this topic please solely use Gigaset Communications’ email address: smart-home(at)

I want to return my products. Can I send them to you?

No, unfortunately not. As we are not the distributor of Gigaset Smart Home/Care we cannot accept returns.

Do I get a refund?

The distributor of Gigaset Smart Home/Care is Gigaset Communications GmbH is an insolvent company and there not capable of doing refunds.

Can I make an insolvency claim?

If you have any claims against Gigaset Communications GmbH arising from the discontinuation of the Smart Home products, these are insolvency claims. These can be filed with the court-appointed administrator, enclosing proof of the existence of the claim. You can find the form for registering your claims in insolvency proceedings here

Where do I send my insolvency claims?

Please complete and send the form to White & Case LLP, Dr. Christoph Schulte-Kaubrügger, Königswall 21, 44137 Dortmund, Germany. 

Is there a hotline or further information?

Unfortunately Gigaset Communications GmbH does not provide a hotline. The official Gigaset hotline has no access to Smart Home/Care data and cannot provide any information on this topic.