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Introducing the ContactsPush app

Easy contact transfer from smartphone to home phone
Contacts Push from Gigaset offers a convenient way to transfer your smartphone1 contacts to your Gigaset handset at home. All you need is a Gigaset IP phone and our new app. Simply download the free Contacts Push app from the Google Play StoreTM or the App Store, connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi at home, find your Gigaset IP phone and transfer your contacts. You can select up to 6 handsets and choose your contacts list or mark them individually.
It’s simple, fast and super easy!


All your contacts, all the time

Access the same contacts on all your phones
Never again do you have to spend time manually transferring contacts from your smartphone to your handset at home. Or searching for contacts between devices. Save time and effort by simply downloading the new Contacts Push app from Gigaset, conveniently at your fingertips. Finally you can have the same contacts2 at hand wherever you go – whether you are on the way somewhere with your smartphone, or in the comfort of your own home.

  • It’s as easy as a few clicks

    How to use the Contacts Push app
    Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide to transferring your contacts from your smartphone to your Gigaset handset:


    Start the app
    by touching the app logo


    Scan network
    to find your IP base station


    Select your IP base station
    from the list


    Enter PIN


    Select relevant DECT handsets


    Select your favourite contacts


    Send contacts
    to selected DECT handsets

A host of handy features

Contacts Push is simple, comfortable and free of cost 
You can connect your smartphone to your home Wi-Fi network
with the free app and find your Gigaset IP phones automatically via  www.gigaset-config.com. Internet access is required3.
Gigaset IP phones found within the network will be listed and you can select your preferred device manually.

Other useful features include:

  • The PIN can be entered manually (default PIN 0000) 
  • Remember PIN feature for Gigaset IP phones
  • Convenient access to smartphone directory 
  • Individual selection of contacts (select all, clear selection)
  • It is possible to go one step back in the app flow 
  • The app buttons are large and clearly visible
  • Absolutely no advertisements
  • It’s free! 
  • Soft key support for deleting contacts: “select all” or “clear selection” 
  • Contacts can be deleted from target device before adding new contacts 
  • Notice for successful transfer and unsuccessful transfer
  • Number of contacts is limited by capacity of DECT handsets only
  • Up to 6 handsets can be selected for transferring the contact data

Supported products and systems

  • Apple Samsung
    iPhone 4 Galaxy S4
    iPhone 4s Galaxy S4 mini
    iPhone 5 Galaxy S3
    iPhone 5c Galaxy S2
    iPhone 5s

    Smartphones not mentioned in this table are compatible with Contacts Push. However since these phones have not been fully tested, Gigaset cannot guarantee full functionality of the app.

  • DECT Telefone DECT Telefone mit Anrufbeantworter DECT Mobilteile Schnurgebundene Telefone Tablets
    C430 IP C430A IP C430H DX800A all in one QV1030



Data privacy policy for Gigaset ContactsPush App

 Available for  AndroidTM and iOS.
2 Number of contacts is limited by capacity of DECT handsets only.
3 In case you temporarily have no Internet access, simply press the paging button on the base station of your IP phone briefly and the IP address will be displayed on your DECT handset.