Data privacy policy for Gigaset ContactsPush App

As of: July 2015

Gigaset Technologies GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Gigaset") is pleased that you have decided to use our Gigaset ContactsPush App and that you are interested in our company and our products.

Protecting the data you have provided and your privacy is taken very seriously by us. In order to be able to guarantee the greatest possible protection of your privacy, it is only natural that we abide by all of the legal provisions covering data privacy.

In the following, we will inform you about the information that Gigaset collects during your use of the ContactsPush App and how it will be used.


Responsible office and contact

The responsible office and service provider is: Gigaset Technologies GmbH, Frankenstraße 2, 46395 Bocholt, Germany (hereinafter “Gigaset”). 

Questions regarding the processing of your personal data, information requests, suggestions or complaints can be sent to our contact address listed under corporate information (imprint).


Collecting, processing, and use of personal data by Gigaset 

The following information will be used whenever contact from your smartphone is established with a Gigaset handset via a Gigaset IP-based device: 

  • Address book/contacts (names, telephone numbers)
  • IP address of the Gigaset DECT device
  • WLAN connection information

The App requires access rights to contacts to be able to transfer contact data from a smartphone to a Gigaset handset. During the transfer, the contact data will be temporarily stored in the smartphone's volatile memory so it can be passed on to the DECT handset. The contact data will only be transferred to the DECT handset. Gigaset does not read or record the contact data.

WLAN connection information is needed to be able to transfer the contact data from the smartphone to the Gigaset handset over the internal home network. In connection with this, the App requires access rights to both the WLAN home network that the smartphone is connected to and the LAN home network that the DECT base station is connected to (usually the same home network).

The App uses the DECT device's internal IP address to enable a connection to be established between the smartphone and the DECT device in the home network and to transfer the customer's data from the smartphone to the DECT handset within the home network. 

This IP address will also be sent to the server, called by the App and saved until the smartphone's cache is cleared (network browser).

The App will only permanently save the PIN entered by the user if this function has been activated by the user.

The contact data will be permanently saved locally on the Gigaset handset. You can delete this data from the handset at any time. 

The contact data saved on the Gigaset handset cannot be transferred or read.

You do not need an Internet connection to be able to use the App.


Transferring to a third party

The collected personal data is not transferred to any third party.