Gigaset C570HX


Gigaset C570HX

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Comfort in every detail, ideal for all routers with DECT base set.
  • Universal handset to supplement the following:
    • DECT/Gap routers
    • Routers with DECT/Cat-iq 2.0
    • Gigaset DECT base stations
  • Slim design, superb ergonomics, powerful technology
  • Large TFT colour display (58 mm/2.2") with modern user interface
  • Large phone book for up to 200 contacts with 3 numbers each

Enjoy communicating in comfort.

The Gigaset C570HX cordless telephone was developed for particularly comfortable communication and combines attractive design with great ergonomics and performance. Its superb feel and smart looks form a perfect symbiosis with modern technology. The reliable family phone is not only extremely user-friendly: Its elegant, slim appearance combined with outstanding voice quality and optimum acoustic performance are also appealing.

  • Large illuminated individual keys on the handset for secure operation
  • Extra-large number display
  • Simple personalisation options
  • Can be located anywhere as no separate base station required

Compatible with all routers with DECT base set: the Gigaset HX models.

The way we telephone has gone digital too: Most telephone suppliers, such as Telekom for example, are already changing over to IP telephony. With the cordless Gigaset HX universal handsets, you’re well equipped for the changeover: They are compatible with all routers with DECT/CAT-iq, such as FRITZ!Box or Telekom Speedport, and use these as a base station. So you can continue to use your telephone even if you change your router.

Now you can see the comfort clearly.

As soon as you look at the high-contrast colour display, you can see what telephone comfort means, and the simple navigation really helps here. The large TFT colour display offers excellent legibility of graphics and letters, six easy icons to enter the main menu, plus an easy-to-read jumbo mode showing all the figures on an extra-large scale. Together with the widely spaced illuminated keys, the Gigaset C570HX thus reaches new heights of intuitive operation and comfort.

Lots of room for lots of friends.

The Gigaset C570HX’s large phone book makes managing your contacts as pleasant as possible: It can hold up to 200 contacts, including first name, last name and 3 numbers for each, so you can easily accommodate all your friends.  Thanks to the programmable short-cut keys, you can reach your favourite contacts without needing to key in long numbers. And you can easily synchronise your phone book entries between all your connected Gigaset handsets. In addition, the practical birthday reminder function means you’ll never forget you loved ones’ special days – and the VIP melody tells you when important callers are phoning, just by the ring tone.

A telephone that’s as unique as you are.

Now you can customise your telephone to suit your personal habits and preferences – the Gigaset C570HX has all sorts of personalisation options to allow you to do this. Simply choose your favourite screen saver and display text colour scheme from the wide range available. Set up special ring tones for all your important callers. And: there are even 2 different acoustic profiles, so you can select the frequency range that you find the most pleasant. That way, you’ll always enjoy the best possible auditory experience.

Don’t let anything disturb your peace and quiet.

You’d like a bit more privacy? The “Block anonymous calls” function allows you to suppress unknown numbers: All calls without a caller ID are only visually displayed or can be blocked completely. In addition, you can also deactivate the ring tone for particular periods of time when you don’t want to be disturbed. VIP contacts from your phone book can be viewed and heard at any time, however, so you won’t miss any important calls. This means that you can enjoy peace and quiet in your own home whenever you want.

Always at hand, as it’s logged in directly at the router.

The Gigaset C570HX is logged in directly by radio link at the DECT base set of your router. Because you don’t need a base station any more, you can keep the handset wherever you want. Your phone will always be within easy reach, whether it’s in the living room, hallway, study or kitchen. For even more flexibility, you can also log in up to five additional HX handsets at the router.

ECO DECT per telefonare senza radiazioni.

Come tutti i cordless Gigaset, anche E370 è dotato la tecnologia ECO DECT ecocompatibile. Le onde radio si riducono del 100% quando il portatile è in modalità standby, anche se vengono utilizzati più portatili, purché la stazione base e tutti i portatili registrati supportino la tecnologia ECO DECT. In conversazione, la potenza di trasmissione viene regolata automaticamente in base alla distanza tra base e ricevitore. Minore è la distanza dalla base, minore è la radiazione. Per la gamma DECT, la modalità ECO DECT può essere disattivata in qualsiasi momento.

Specifiche tecniche


Nome prodotto
Gigaset C570HX
Caratteristiche generali
Numeri telefonici (analogico)
Numero di conversazioni contemporanee (analogico)
DECT Standards
Riduzione automatica della potenza di trasmissione, Zero radiazioni quando il portatile è in stand by, Basso consumo energetico
Caratteristiche aggiuntive
Periodo di standby fino a (h)
Tempo per conversazioni fino a (h)
Numero di voci registrate in elenco indirizzi (nome, cognome, 3 numeri, immagini, promemoria appuntamenti, suoni)
Suonerie personalizzate per voci VIP
Monitoraggio del locale (babyphone)
Interno (seconda componente esterna necessaria), Esterno
Selezione diretta (babycall)
Funzione allarme
diversi toni di avviso
Segnalazione ottica delle chiamate (display illuminato)
Display illuminato, Pulsante di chiamata lampeggiante, Spia LED lampaggiante
Associazione di numeri telefonici per le chiamate esterne in entrata / in uscita
Associazione di numeri telefonici per le chiamate interne in entrata / in uscita
Chiamate interne gratuite
Trasferimento interno delle voci della rubrica/dell'elenco indirizzi via DECT (da telefono portatile a telefono portatile)
Inoltro interno di chiamate esterne, teleconferenze, richiamate
Caratteristiche audio
Conversare comodamente in vivavoce (qualità Duplex)
Vivavoce sul portatile/ base
Componente mobile
Volume regolabile
Volume regolabile mediante menu
Numero di suonerie
Caratteristiche del display
Tipo Display
Display a colori
Dimensioni (H x L mm)
44 x 35
Diagonale (pollici)
Risoluzione (px)
176 x 220
Caratteri Jumbo
Visualizzazione del chiamante
Visualizzazione del numero telefonico del chiamante (CLIP)
Menu multilingue (più lingue visualizzate)
Data / ora sul display
Numero di lingue
Caratteristiche della tastiera
Tastiera illuminata
Semplice da utilizzare grazie al pulsante di navigazione
Specifiche Tecniche
Componente mobile, H x L x P in mm
168 x 48 x 22
Componente mobile, peso comprese batt. in g
Base di carica, H x L x P in mm
92 x 30
Base di carica, peso in g
2 x NiMH AAA
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Gigaset C570HX

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