Closer to the most important person: Gigaset presents three new baby monitors

Munich, October 1st, 2013 – PA 330 Audio, PA 530 Audio Plus and PV 830 Video are the names of the three small world premieres with which Gigaset is taking its first steps into the nursery and the field of standalone baby monitors. With its new models, Gigaset offers high-quality baby monitors for every budget and all needs and is applying its experience and expertise in integrating baby monitors in telephones to the field of standalone systems for the first time.

A baby changes everything. When it stretches out its tiny hands to its parents for the first time, they hear it breathing gently and feel how the toddler relaxes in their embrace, they know what is now the most important thing in their life. Yet all that joy is not seldom accompanied by worries. Who wouldn’t like to be with their baby or small child day and night? Yet there comes a time when the parents and child no longer share the same room, raising the question: Can I leave my baby alone in its room and does it sleep safely, calmly and deeply there in its bed?

Gigaset now has three new baby monitors that help parents be there for their babies when it is necessary. The European market leader in DECT cordless phones, Gigaset has been a firm part of the family in millions of households for years. As the market leader and pioneer of the DECT wireless standard, Gigaset has developed this technology into a secure, power-saving and low-radiation air interface. That is reason enough for Gigaset to now market baby monitors with extensive features as standalone products and by this attract new customers.

Three models for every need
The PV 830 Video is a premium digital video baby monitor and the flagship of Gigaset’s baby monitor series. Equipped with a 3D-moveable camera, numerous sensors and cutting-edge night vision technology, it notices everything that happens in the nursery.

The camera of the PV 830 Video has an adjustable angle of view. The night vision technology enables disruption-free transfer of images, even in very dark rooms, and the video monitor on the receiver means parents can see right away what is happening in the room. The intercom function enables direct communication to the room and with the baby so that parents can calm down their little one with their voice. In addition, various goodnight songs and a night light can be activated from the parents’ control unit.

The PA 530 Audio Plus is a high-end DECT audio baby monitor and the convenience model in Gigaset’s series. The PA 530 Audio Plus is equipped with highly sensitive sensors to measure the temperature and humidity in the nursery, a night light and time display. It lets you keep tabs on what is going on in the room at all times. The PA 530 Audio Plus also offers a small repertoire of goodnight songs and an additional line-in audio input that can be linked to an Mp3-player or other audio sources.

The PA 330 Audio is a basic DECT baby monitor and the entry-level model in Gigaset’s series. The PA 330 Audio offers large ranges, crystal-clear sound quality and voice activation. Parents can also monitor the quality of the connection and its range. In addition to voice activation, the noise level in the room is also shown by a visual display.

Exclusive features for greater convenience
Gigaset’s baby monitors not only give parents a lot more peace of mind, but also often much more convenience. Depending on the model, they help parents forget their permanent state of restlessness and only take action when actually necessary – meaning they also have more energy to make active use of their time with their children.

From measurement of the sleeping and room temperature so as to ensure that it is not too high or low to disturb their baby’s sweet dreams, the practical intercom function and goodnight songs that can be activated remotely, to the comforting night light – parents can respond quickly and give their child a feeling of security and warmth whenever necessary.

“We aim to create a perceivable closeness between mother, father and child with our new baby monitors. All our devices are intended to give parents greater mobility and the convenience they need to simplify their everyday life,” says Maik Brockmann, CSO of Gigaset AG. “Whether at home or out and about – our baby monitors are all compact and handy and so can be taken along any time. ECO DECT technology permits long standby and usage times without frequent recharging, and useful functions such as the temperature display help parents find the ideal place for their little darlings to sleep, even in a new environment.”

Solid and mature DECT technology as the basis for the baby monitor
Gigaset and its cordless phones have been a part of millions of households worldwide for more than two decades. Gigaset was the pioneer and permanent innovator of DECT technology, which has since become established as the undisputed transmission convention and been used as a reference by many competitors and other baby monitor vendors. However, it was Gigaset that made it environmentally-friendly and power-saving thanks to continuous further development based on its high standards of quality and engineering “made in Germany.”

“DECT means security and that is the most important thing when it comes to monitoring the ones dearest to us,” states Dr. Kurt Aretz, Head of Voice Consumer Products at Gigaset. “ECO DECT enables a reliable, high-quality and high-speed connection that emits far less radiation than, for example, a WLAN device. ECO DECT thus helps keep electro smog out of the nursery.”

The new Gigaset PA 330 Audio, PA 530 Audio Plus and PV 830 Video baby monitors will be available as of mid-October 2013 priced €49.99, €79.99 and €159.99 respectively.

Gigaset AG, Munich, is an internationally operating company in the area of communications technology. The company is Europe's market leader in DECT telephones. The premium supplier ranks second worldwide with around 1,400 employees and a market presence in around 70 countries.

Gigaset AG is listed on the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse and so is subject to the very highest requirements for transparency. Its shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘GGS’ (ISIN: DE0005156004).

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