Always to hand: additional handsets from Gigaset


It's always convenient to have a phone close by, especially if you have a large family or large home. Gigaset can be used flexibly, allowing you to easily expand your landline system at home. Add up to six devices to your Gigaset base station or DECT-enabled router - so whether you're in the bedroom, kitchen or office, you can answer every call immediately or even make internal calls.

More devices, more advantages

Even if Grandma and Grandpa are looking for a more user-friendly handset but Dad needs a phone with a large address book for his home office, the Gigaset range will have most suitable phone for each family member - and they can all be integrated into your landline system. Each handset has its own charging cradle, so they're always ready to go. Thanks to the VoIP connection, you even can assign the devices different numbers and have multiple conversations at the same time.