Gigaset E370HX

Gigaset E370HX

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The telephone for any age for all routers which support DECT.
  • Universal handset for addition to the following:
    • DECT/gap routers
    • Routers with DECT/Cat-iq 2.0
    • Gigaset DECT base stations
  • Large 58 mm/2.2” TFT colour display with magnifier function
  • SOS emergency call function with 4 phone numbers
  • 2 acoustic profiles for optimal hearing
  • Phone book for up to 200 contacts

The Gigaset E370HX. The large-key telephone for any stage of life.

Like all Gigaset life series telephones, the Gigaset E370HX was also developed following a holistic approach: It takes into consideration the fact that human senses change throughout life, placing special requirements on a telephone. That is why the Gigaset E370HX provides features including different acoustic profiles and volumes adapted to every level of hearing, large illuminated individual keys, a display with optimized readability and intuitive menu navigation for easy operation, a direct call function, and an emergency call key. All in all, it offers a major boost in convenience and reliability for every stage of life.

  • Boost key for extra loud volume
  • Room monitoring (baby monitor) with intercom function
  • Large, illuminated individual keys
  • Direct call function: All keys are programmed with 1 and the same phone number
  • Flexible location for the handset and charging cradle

Gigaset HX – for connection to all routers which support DECT.

The future of phone calls is digital. For this reason, most telephone providers, such as Deutsche Telekom, are converting to IP telephony. The Gigaset HX universal handsets are ideally suited for IP telephony over routers and use their  DECT base stations. They are compatible with many FRITZ!Box routers, the Speedport models from Deutsche Telekom, and more routers from other manufacturers, so you can continue to use your telephone even if you change the router.

Display layout: clear and readable.

The key to easy, convenient operation is easy-to-read numbers and entries. That is why the E370HX large-key telephone offers a large high-contrast colour display with a magnifier function for displayed text. A name selected from the phone book is automatically magnified and highlighted on an orange background. If the magnified name is wider than the display, the text will scroll across the display. The entered digits also appear extra large on this colour background in dialling mode. Thanks to illumination, the display is very easy to read even in poor lighting.

Always sounds good: 2 acoustic profiles for optimal understanding.

A person’s sense of hearing changes over the course of life: In particular, high frequencies are more difficult to discern with advancing age. The Gigaset E370HX therefore provides 2 acoustic profiles which especially emphasize either the high or the low frequency range. You can simply select the profile which you hear better with.

Excellent sound, whether loud or soft.

The Gigaset E370HX cordless telephone offers top sound quality and sufficient volume for every situation. For example, if a movie is playing in the background or your family is visiting, you can simply adjust the volume on the Gigaset E370HX to the volume of your surroundings in 5 stages. And by pressing the “extra loud” key just once, you can even double the volume. That is particularly useful if people with different hearing abilities live in your household. The next time the telephone is used, the volume returns to the predefined level.

Help is just the press of a key away.

Safe at home: The right function key of the Gigaset E370HX is an emergency call key with the SOS function. You can store up to 4 numbers on it which are called in succession in an emergency, such as your relatives’ or neighbours’ numbers.

How the emergency call function works:

1. When you initiate the emergency call by pressing the right function key, the telephone automatically calls all 4 stored numbers in succession. If nobody answers, this procedure is repeated a total of 3 times.

2. When the called party answers, he or she will hear an emergency text.

3. The called party can speak personally with you by pressing the 5 key on his or her telephone.

Simply simple to operate.

With this telephone for seniors, everything is designed to make operation simple, ergonomic, and intuitive: Not only are the individual keys big; they also are illuminated and have large print. And the menu was created so that you can find what you are looking for in as few steps as possible. The E370HX also has a practical navigation key for quick access to all important menu options. Operation is therefore just as it should be: simple.

Always close by, no matter where.

The Gigaset E370HX has direct call and room monitoring functions so that you can be reached easily and anywhere. With the direct call function, a stored number is called no matter which key is pressed. This is very helpful, for example, for sick family members or small children who cannot read yet. The room monitoring function is just as useful. In this case, the handset makes an internal call to the other handsets or an external call to a mobile phone when the noise level in the room exceeds a threshold. In this mode, incoming calls are indicated only optically on the handset’s display; in other words, the telephone does not ring.

Registration directly on the router – for a short distance to the telephone.

With the Gigaset E370HX, your telephone is always close at hand right where you need it: That is because you do not need a basis station anymore; the handset is wirelessly registered directly on the DECT base station of your Internet router. This means you can flexibly place the E370HX anywhere in your home. In addition, you can register additional HX handsets on the router, for example, for the bedroom, the kitchen, or the hallway.

Pleasant listening – even with a hearing aid.

Making phone calls while wearing a hearing aid often results in unwanted background noise which makes the call really unpleasant. To prevent this, we designed the Gigaset E370HX to be hearing-aid-compatible (HAC) in accordance with the European ITU-T P.370 standard: When you talk on the phone while wearing inductively coupled hearing aids, no noise occurs due to feedback – and you enjoy the best, clear sound.

ECO DECT for radiation-free telephoning.

Like all Gigaset cordless telephones, the E370HX also features the environmentally friendly ECO DECT technology. The telephones are radiation-free in standby mode, even if several handsets are used, as long as the base station and all registered handsets support ECO DECT. During a telephone conversation, the transmitting power is automatically adjusted to the distance between the base station and the handset. The shorter the distance to the base station, the lower the radiation. For the maximum DECT range, the ECO DECT mode can be deactivated at any time.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset E370HX
General features
Analog | VoIP
DECT Standards
DECT | GAP | CAT iq 2.0
Autom. reduction of transmission power | Radiation-free in standby mode | Low energy consumption
Big Buttons
Additional features
Standby time up to (h)
Talk time up to (h)
Address book # entries, (name, surname, 3 numbers, date-reminder, sounds)
Individual ringertones for VIP entries
Automatic redial function in handset
Room monitoring (Babyphone)
Internal (second handset required) | External
Direct dial (Babycall)
Alarm function
Range warning tone
Optical call signaling
Illuminated display | Flashing send key
Audio features
Sound Quality / Accustic Features
HD Voice (CAT-iq certified) | HD Voice (wideband voice)
Handsfree talking
Convenient hands-free talking (full duplex quality)
Handsfree talking handset / base
Adjustable Volume
Via Menu
Number of ringtones
Display features
Display Type
Color Display
Dimensions (H x W mm)
44 x 35
Diagonal spread (inch)
Resolution (px)
176 x 220
Jumbo Fonts
Display of caller
Display of caller’s number (CLIP)
List of last # missed calls with time and date
Depending on base station and router
List of # outgoing calls with time and date
Depending on base station and router
List of # received calls with time and date
Depending on base station and router
List of # all calls with time and date
Depending on base station and router
Multilingual menu (several display languages)
Time / Date displayed
Number of languages
Keypad features
Illuminated Keypad
Easy handling with navigation key
Message indicator key
Dimensions / Specs
Handset, H x W x D in mm
168 x 48 x 22
Handset, weight incl. Accu in g
Charger, H x W x D in mm
92 x 30
Charger, weight in g
Accu Type
2 x NiMH AAA
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