Power Supply for Base Station

Power Supply for Base Station

Please ask your local dealer for complete details regarding price and availability.


This power supply is compatible with the most all Gigaset base stations.

Please check the back or bottom of your base station for compatibility.
If you can find the term "C39280-Z4-C608" there, you will be able to use this power supply for your base station.


This power supply is compatible with all listed Gigaset base stations.

A1000 A550A C300 E310A S450IP
A120 A580 C300A E365 S670
A120A A580IP C385 E450 S675
A125 A585 C430A E455SIM S680
A150 AC265 C450 E490 S685
A160 AL110 C455 E495 S685IP
A165 AL110A C460 E500A S795
A220 AL140 C470 E550A S800A
A220A AL145 C470IP E560A S810
A250A AL180 C475 E630A S810A
A260 AL185 C475IP   S820
A265 AL230A C530   S820A
A380 AL280 C530A   S850A
A385 AL285 C590   SL375
A400 AL410A C595   SL400
A400A AL415A C610A   SL400A
A410 AS180 C620A   SL400GO
A415 AS185 CL540   SL450GO
A415A AS200 CL540A   SL560
A420 AS200A Dune   SL565
A420A AS285 CL750A   SL780
A455A AS300 CS310A   SL785
A510 AS300A CS385   SL910
A510A AS405A     SL910A
A510IP       SL930
A540       SL930A


Technical Data
Input:     230VAC  50-60Hz  43 mA
Output:  6.5VDC  600mA

Technical details


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Power Supply for Base Station
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Power Supply for Base Station

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