Gigaset AML: Alarm, Messaging and Location


Gigaset Alarm, Messaging and Location (AML) enables companies of any size in the most diverse of industries to improve significantly the workflows in all areas and to increase in the long term the safety of their workforce. This highly efficient solution has at its heart the scalable, reliable Gigaset N670 IP PRO and N870 IP PRO DECT IP systems. In conjunction with an alarm server, they provide intelligent message management with priority-dependent signalling. 

With seamless handover and roaming, workers are able in emergencies to trigger alarms and read and reply to messages from their Gigaset R700H PRO, S700H PRO and SL800H PRO*, from the range of Professional handsets. Furthermore, accurate location tracking is guaranteed. AML functionality is enabled via licences and can be integrated into existing Gigaset DECT IP installations as well as new installations.

*A complete overview of the compatibility of Gigaset handsets is available here.

AML in warehouse logistics

In warehouse logistics, Gigaset AML improves workflows in a number of deployment scenarios. For example, workers in the cooling area are reminded about warm-up breaks, and faults in the process cycle of highly automated warehouses are reported to mobile service teams. Colour coding and icons provide at a glance information on priority levels and info categories. In situations of high urgency, they warn users with alarm ringtones, even during ongoing calls.

Examples of alarms:
“Please take a warm-up break”
“Accident with automated guided vehicle”
“Emergency at Belt 4 in Building 7”

AML in manufacturing industries and logistics

At food factories, chemical plants, container ports and comparable businesses, cleaners, security personnel and others working alone often carry out dangerous work. In emergencies, they can trigger alarms by pressing a button on their Gigaset S700H PRO and R700H PRO handsets. Alarms are sent to first-aiders and a predefined group of responders, the workflow is coordinated and, depending on hazard situation, a necessary evacuation is facilitated.  

Examples of alarms:
“Hazardous situation in Section A”
“Fire in Workshop 1”
“Escape of hazardous substance in Sector 9”

AML in the healthcare system

In hospitals, A&E departments, psychiatric wards and at care providers/institutes, Gigaset AML offers many indispensable, often life-saving applications. In conjunction with a messaging/alarm server, the N870 IP PRO delivers messages to the handset and retrieves replies from the staff member in question. If this person, in a hospital or care home for example, is not able to answer a patient’s call, the server keeps the call active in the rest of the team until the call is answered. A voice connection can also be established quickly.

Examples of alarms:
“Heart alarm in A&E”
“Aggressive patient in Room 123”
“Emergency in Section B. Staff member not responding”

AML in banking

In an industry where security is paramount, Gigaset AML is the ideal system to provide optimal protection to security guards and other workers working alone, using the silent alarm for example. In the event a permanent standby team needs to be contacted reliably or an emergency conference call needs to be initiated, the alarm server is able to cut into the existing connections of all those involved.

Examples of alarms:
“Hazardous situation in the reception area”
“Emergency in Section B. Staff member not responding”
“Red button alarm“: Armed robbery in Branch 3”

AML in scenarios spanning industries

One function of Gigaset AML that is important for all industries is the ability of the alarm server to query exact location data for the handset. The new DECT handsets in the Professional family (R700H PRO, S700H PRO, SL800H PRO) then send a Bluetooth signal within the DECT environment. This enables very accurate determination of the location - a prerequisite for speedy, targeted assistance. Even faults posing risks to the smooth operation of building automation installations, such as air-conditioning, fire alarm and door closing systems, are reported automatically.

Examples of alarms:
“Safety door 4b in Section C open”
“Fault with the air outlet conduit”
“Valve on Machine 15 not closing”
“Smoke detected in Room 11”

Gigaset products for AML solutions

  • This powerful business phone is ready for any challenge
    This cordless phone can of course also be used in the office: It is comfortable in the hand and its excellent sound quality is a standout feature. The appealing design with non-slip surface, the large colour display and the excellent battery are also plus points for this device.
    But the Gigaset R700H PRO unfurls its entire potential in the day-to-day work environment: The phone is water-repellent and dust-proof. Impacts and scratches stand little chance. In conjunction with a Gigaset Multicell system, it provides flexibility and full mobility freedom over the entire company premises.
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    Anyone expecting from a phone the slimline design of a smartphone and the technology of a professional DECT mobile device need look no further than the Gigaset SL800H PRO. It is the smallest and most lightweight cordless phone in the Gigaset Professional portfolio and features large colour display, superb sound quality and excellent battery.
    Anyone attaching importance to greatest level of mobility freedom will also be greatly pleased by this DECT mobile device: It can also be used easily with a headset or as a handsfree phone.
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  • The all-rounder phone with many functions is a winner in day-to-day work environments
    When things are taking a little longer at work, a resilient phone is called for. The Gigaset S700H PRO can be relied upon at all times: The extra-long standby time, and the sturdy surface on which not even disinfectants stand a chance, are standout features.
    Furthermore, the professional DECT mobile device from Gigaset boasts many functions, including audio profiles and superb HD sound quality. It is lightweight and intuitive to use, and directories and contacts are easy to access. Those not wanting to make compromises in communication tasks need look no further.
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  • The scalable DECT multicell system for any organization
    Designed to support all your employees with secure digital and cordless communication.
    Absolute ease of deployment from the smallest to largest sites, each Gigaset N870 Multicell supports an entire SMB sized organization. And in case your organization is larger, multicell is easy to deploy with roaming and handover from the conversations. Multicell installations with over hundreds of multicell appliances across larger sites – such as factories, hotels, hospitals or warehouse environments – can deliver a DECT communication network serving thousands of staff.
    The N870 Multicell supports both on-premise and cloud-based VoIP communication with the flexibility to adapt quickly to every growing business. With a simple installation process, the N870 Multicell System provides rapid deployment for your professional DECT handsets from Gigaset across your entire site.
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    Perfect cordless communication within any small and medium sized office with the ability to scale as required.
    Designed to serve the 90% of businesses across Europe with less than 20 staff, the N670 offers an elegant VoIP solution for professional cordless communications. Straight out of the box, the N670 is designed to work with the entire Gigaset professional handset range with up to 20 DECT handsets while supporting 8 simultaneous voice calls, using both on-premise or cloud-based IP telephony services. For busier offices or larger sites, an upgrade to multicell by license and additional DECT base stations allow you to increase coverage, handsets and simultaneous calls to flexibly meet the needs of your organisation.
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