Why Gigaset is setting up "Fair for Future"

We need to talk about the world of tomorrow today. Over the coming years and decades, we and subsequent generations want to live well, without any worries. With the "Fair for Future" seal of attentiveness and its website, Gigaset is documenting its efforts and successes in addressing important challenges of the future.

What does "Fair for Future" mean?

Taking responsibility for the world of tomorrow today: Gigaset focuses not only on today’s important tasks, but also those of the future. The need for action is great: climate change and a shortage of resources are huge challenges. Measures to protect the environment cannot be postponed any longer. Change in our society also plays an important role: demographic changes, the protection of personal rights and the fight against social inequality. And it's also about the responsibility we have towards ourselves and our use of resources.

Gigaset has decades of experience of producing high-quality communications solutions and technologies. Gigaset production is in central Germany, and that is how it should stay. Long product life, short distribution channels and social responsibility are important to us. This is also what we stand for with the quality seal "Made in Germany". Our "Fair for Future" seal of attentiveness is a logical continuation: this documents our activities in the areas of fairness, sustainability and future tasks.

How does fairness work today?

It's actually quite simple: you should treat others the way you want to be treated. This will also be the case in the future. A sense of responsibility, common sense, trust and reliability are fundamental social values that drive us. Because only if our fellow human beings and the environment are doing well will we also do well.

Why are we committed to sustainability?

There is no way around sustainability. That's why so much is written, spoken and argued about this topic. For us at Gigaset, sustainability is not a buzzword, but an ongoing process: We want to constantly improve, protect the environment, conserve resources, pay attention to quality, recycling and regionality.

Why should we use communication products mindfully?

Being mindful of ourselves has been proven to have a number of positive effects on our physical and mental health, such as reducing stress and increasing life satisfaction. We can also be mindful when it comes to the use and production of communication products, as it is about our well-being on the one hand and the use of valuable resources on the other.