Sophisticated product testing

Customer satisfaction is the focus at Gigaset. The quality of the products is a decisive criterion for this. At Gigaset, we all work with enthusiasm and great care, combining innovative technologies, stylish design and high-quality materials to produce unique products.

Quality comes from control

Quality is a particular focus at Gigaset. Outstanding designs, innovative technologies and high-quality materials can only succeed if they function perfectly even under extreme conditions. A finding that is consistently taken into account in the eight comprehensive quality tests. All tests serve to fulfil the promise of a perfect product to our customer. That is why every eventuality and potential loss situation is specifically examined, analysed and eliminated.

On the same wavelength

If you're looking for the perfect wave, you don't have to go out to sea. A glance into the measuring chamber is also sufficient: there we check the electromagnetic immunity and emission of telephones. This is because when electronic devices come together they should not cause any malfunctions. In a shielded room, the sensitivity of the device's receiver is tested – and set to one billionth of a watt. The test for electromagnetic compatibility is also about load carrying capacity: our phones cannot be influenced by radio stations and mobile phones, for example, and they can even withstand electrostatic discharges of over 10,000 volts. We also have the CE mark for this.

For any fall that befalls your phone

When push comes to shove, you need to be prepared: because sometimes phones fall from the breakfast table, out of your pocket or out of your hand. They are our day-to-day companions, so they should also be resilient. During the free fall test we drop the devices onto a steel plate: voluntarily and from a height of 1.52 metres. And not once or twice, but 16 times in total. To make things even more exciting, we drop them in different ways: on surfaces, corners or edges. This is the only way to assess their mechanical robustness, which makes them reliable companions for everyday life. Because the next drop is sure to come.

The hard way

Give it a good shake, please: in the next step of our product test series, the phones and smartphones are completely enclosed in a dust bag. This is because they are supposed to function perfectly even under adverse conditions. Of course, this also includes impurities: since some dust particles are stubborn, we check whether they get stuck inside the devices. Hence the dust cover, hence our dust and keyboard endurance test: only if after 100,000 keystrokes no dust can be detected under the display panel and the keys have the devices passed the test.

A is followed by B

In the next step it's hard on hard: now the keyboards of the phones are bombarded with small pressure pins. It looks great, and is almost as beautiful as New Year's Eve when the fireworks rockets rise up into the sky. But the pneumatic function test is not about pyrotechnics, of course, but about uniform stress on the keys. Letters such as "A" and "B" should be loaded in the same way as the numbers "1" and "2" or special characters such as "?", "*" and "#". And so 100,000 operations rattle over each key and only then does it say: “Test passed”.

Up and down

This fabric never goes out of fashion: "I pull my blue jeans on, I pull my old blue jeans on", says a 1970s hit. And since many phones are stuck in even more jeans, trousers, jackets or shirts, we test their material durability: in the jeans pocket test, phones are put in trouser pockets, and we repeat the whole thing 5000 times in total. And since they are often not alone there, we pack dust, tissue and tobacco with them. In this way we can check the dust resistance of the devices as well as the resistance of the housing coating. The only question is: which will last longer? The phone? Or the old blue jeans?

In the hot way

Everyone is talking about the climate, we are testing it: that is why we expose our devices to intense heat and severe cold. First they must endure 70°C for several days, then -25°C for the same length of time. The devices are also exposed to large temperature fluctuations (e.g. from 55°C to -25°C in a very short time) or high humidity (93% at 40°C). In addition to the climate test, we also subject them to packaging tests and shock tests: does the packaging last when accelerated and slowed down 100 times per side? After all, we want the devices to arrive at your premises in perfect condition.

Suddenly bright

Now it is all about showing our colours. In the next step of our product testing series we measure the colour stability of the phones. What exactly does that mean? We check whether the surfaces can withstand extreme loads. And we take a lot of time to do this: first we expose the devices to strong artificial light for 305 hours and then measure the change in colour. After all, the colours should also be stable even in bright sunlight. If the phones are still as colourful afterwards as they were before, they have passed the UV test.

In for the long run

Finally, we just switch off. And then on again. Off and on. Off and on. Off and on… the quality of the charging contacts is checked in the charging cycle test. Because nothing is more annoying than a phone whose battery is constantly running low. So in the final step of our product tests we disconnect the devices from power: we take them out of the chargers and put them back in. Not once, but 25,000 times. What's the point of all this? Only in this way can we measure the charging current and check the endurance of the batteries. After all, we want you to enjoy our phones for as long as possible.

Confidence in the quality of our products is high, control is even better. Thanks to our extensive test series, we can assure you that our phones have a long service life.

The proof:

  • Market leader in fixed-line phones in Europe
  • Millions of customers worldwide trust us
  • Numerous awards for our products
  • Production of the 220-millionth telephone in 2020
  • A large number of our products are in use for years
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