Anyone relying on quality can enjoy the result for a long time

Some rely on quantity, others on quality. At Gigaset, we are proud to be able to combine both: we are the leader in Europe for fixed-line phones, and millions of customers trust us. No wonder, because our products are of the highest quality and are therefore also very long-lasting. This section focuses on our quality promise, sophisticated test series and the importance of efficiency and effectiveness.

Competence and know-how

Poet and thinker? Or technician and driver? Germany is known for both - for culture and the arts, but also for its innovation and engineering skills. These are in demand worldwide, and training and research are carried out all over the country. Our engineers rely on expertise, skills and know-how: at the Gigaset factory, highly specialised experts work to closely monitor our production processes. This is our quality promise you can rely on. At the same time, our team is consistently developing new products. At our Bocholt plant we have also been manufacturing smartphones since 2018 – the only company in Europe to do so!

From market leader to innovator

A number with seven zeros: the 220-millionth Gigaset phone will be manufactured in 2020. We are proud of this, and Gigaset is Europe’s leader in fixed-line phones. At Gigaset we do not rest on our laurels, which is why we regularly develop new phones, smartphones or innovative communication solutions. We are also putting our production processes to the test: our engineers in Bocholt have set up a modern Industry 4.0 production facility which enables us to produce at the same cost as in Asia, while at the same time guaranteeing fair working conditions and creating prospects.

Welcome to the factory of the year

When people and machines work together, film fans think of science fiction. The future has long since become the present in a very positive way: thanks to what is known as human-machine interaction (HMI), our employees can accompany the production of our phones and smartphones from start to finish. This is varied and responsible, while at the same time we create short production paths and better planning. The Gigaset plant in Bocholt is effective and efficient, and it has earned the “Factory of the Year” award several times.

Test the Best

In the “Factory of the Year”, however, not only production is carried out, but also testing: before our technical devices go into series production we subject them to extensive product tests. What happens to phones when they are dropped – not once, but a good dozen times? How do they respond to extreme heat? Or to severe cold? And how resilient are batteries actually? Because our products should not only look good, but also function perfectly under extreme conditions. You can find out about the extensive series of tests we conduct with Gigaset products...

And if something does go wrong?

But is it really necessary to plug a phone into a charger 25,000 times? We believe so, because only with product tests can we prove the high quality and endurance of our devices. And if something really does go wrong, you can send us your Gigaset products: we'll repair them directly at our plant in Bocholt – it's quick and you can use your devices again in just a few days. The renowned technology magazine CHIP gave Gigaset customer service top marks, and we receive positive feedback from our customers. Because telephones that are in daily use and last longer than our competitors' products are also a clear sign of the longevity of our products!

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