Where social responsibility is more than just a promise

Social responsibility begins directly on site, at our company location. In this section you will learn about the history of Gigaset, which is closely related to our Bocholt plant. We produce in Germany, and we educate and train here. And after work, things continue: at the city run or on the football pitch.

Producing with an outlook

Where it says “made in Germany” on it, “made in Germany” is also in it: at Gigaset we produce in Germany - this is where our roots are. Our history goes back a long way: the company has been based in Bocholt since 1941. We have been producing here for many decades, and we currently offer around 550 people a job with prospects. The head office of Gigaset AG is also in Germany. You can find our products in specialist stores and online in the Gigaset webshop and many other online retailers; we can be found throughout Germany, and are present in metropolises as well as outside metropolitan areas. Bocholt is located near the German-Dutch border, but from a European perspective our production centre is located in the heart of Europe.

Smart industry

Those who promise “made in Germany” have a duty to the consumer: after all, production in our own country stands for quality and perfection, for reliability, and for environmental awareness. At Gigaset we are committed to this obligation, and we are constantly reviewing and improving our products. The development of new product areas is also part of this: we are the only manufacturer in the whole of Germany that can also offer you smartphones. This is made possible by Industry 4.0, which intelligently and innovatively links people, machines and products together: on the one hand we can produce at the same cost as in Asia, and on the other we can guarantee fair working conditions. Another sort of commitment to fairness.

Attractive employer

So “made in Germany” is not only about innovative products that you can buy from us. It is also about how they were created: at Gigaset we create perspectives for our employees, we grow, and we are an attractive employer in the region. In this respect we rely on talent from different fields: in addition to pure production, we also employ specialists in the areas of logistics and product management, in maintenance and service, and in many administrative areas. As a future-oriented company, we naturally also think of tomorrow's employees: we provide training in, among other things, industrial mechanics, electronics and precision engineering, and also in the commercial sector.

Attending events with responsibility

When we talk about “made in Germany”, we also mean “made in Bocholt”. After all, social responsibility is not just about working hours, but also about the time after that. And so Gigaset is firmly anchored in the urban life of our production site. Some call it corporate social responsibility, we say “being active and present in Bocholt”. Together with the Bocholter-Borkener Volksblatt newspaper and Stadtmarketing Bocholt, we have been supporting activities in the region for many years. This ranges from seasonal events such as the Kirmes or the Christmas market to sporting events such as the city run. And we will stay on top of our game in the future.

Taking responsibility for the world of tomorrow today

Gigaset focuses not only on today’s important tasks, but also those of the future. The need for action is great: climate change and a shortage of resources are huge challenges. Measures to protect the environment cannot be postponed any longer. Change in our society also plays an important role: demographic changes, the protection of personal rights and the fight against social inequality. With the "Fair for Future" seal of attentiveness and its website, Gigaset is documenting its efforts and successes in addressing important challenges of the future.

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