Burglary protection: Secure your home with Smart Home solutions

In recent years, the number of domestic burglaries has risen by one third according to the burglary report 2016 by the German Insurance Federation (GDV)*.

Security technology on windows and doors is often out of date. Intruders can easily gain access to your house. But this can be changed: Today, more effective solutions than simply locking all windows before your holiday are on offer: A Smart Home alarm system provides more reliable and effective protection.

Feel safe in the knowledge you are leaving your house with the Smart Home alarm system

With the Smart Home alarm system, you can transform your own four walls into a safe place. One often incorrectly assumes that most burglaries take place at night. In fact, thieves do not shy away from daylight. More than half of break-ins take place in the middle of the day when nobody is at home. With an alarm system in your smart home, you can go to work or away on holiday with peace of mind. If sensors detect an unknown movement at windows, doors or in the house, you will be notified immediately via your smartphone.

These make your home safe

A Smart Home alarm system consists of different components, with fixed including motion sensors and an alarm siren. For an additional layer of protection, security cameras can be fitted in and around the house. You can see what’s happening in your own four walls while you are out and about. The advantage of this intelligent system is not only excellent and effective security, it is also convenient. All devices can be easily controlled by your smartphone and the app. 

The right security solution for an apartment or house

Whether you live in an apartment on the ground floor or in a three-storey house, the Smart Home alarm systems can be individually adapted to meet the needs of your property and household. Do you want to secure just your front door, or all windows, the balcony and patio as well? Smart Home alarm systems offer the right security solution to suit every need.

The topic of data security plays a major role especially in these times of digitisation. Gigaset Smart Home alarm systems offer you protected data transmission in accordance with German Data Protection Law. This means that the base station of the alarm system creates a secure connection to the Gigaset cloud, which is pretty much the heart of the alarm system and is operated on highly secure German servers. Our system does not just give you a high degree of protection from hacker attacks, but you also benefit from an interference-free and energy-saving connection.


* Reference country: Germany


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