Data security - your personal data is safe with us

Data protection is our top priority. Gigaset understands how important it is to keep your personal data confidential. With three layers of protection, we take the security of your data seriously. Take a look at an overview of our security measures.

Secure data transfer

We protect you against hacking. The sensors and the base station are connected using DECT ULE wireless technology. This technology provides an extremely high level of protection against hacking. It is also low-interference and energy-efficient. Data is securely transferred using 128-bit encryption (AES). Proximity pairing, whereby the sensor and base station are no more than one metre apart, means that you are protected from hacking even when registering the sensor.

Secure connection to the cloud

The Gigaset base station establishes a secure connection to the Gigaget Cloud. Here, too, we ensure the highest level of security: the data stream between the cloud and base is secured externally in a so-called VPN tunnel. By using the VPN tunnel to the cloud, you do not have to release any ports locally. This means that there are no gaps for potential attacks on your internet router.

Cloud protected by security tools

The cloud is at the heart of the Gigaset alarm system. This is where all the relevant information is collated before being routed securely to the app and then to your smartphone — no matter where in the world you are currently located. The cloud is protected by all the latest security tools. Constant development and updates mean that our security measures always reflect the state of the art. Gigaset uses only the data that is necessary to provide the service. Sensor data is stored separately from your personal data. Good to know: The Gigaset cloud is hosted on ultra-secure German servers at a site in Frankfurt am Main.


  • Gigaset app control centre

    Always know what’s going on at home no matter where you are - with the Gigaset elements app.


  • Gigaset Smart Home protection

    Don’t give intruders a chance

    A Smart Home alarm system not only protects your four walls from uninvited guests, it also offers excellent convenience.


  • Greater security through Smart Home

    Never leave your own home unguarded again. Smart Home protects you from intrusion and fire damage. These devices are essential.