Award-winning customer orientation "Made in Germany”

As an internationally active telecommunications brand headquartered in Bocholt, Gigaset is at home in Germany and at home in the world. The innovative, long-established company is a pioneer in the development of forward-looking technologies and is characterized by its close proximity to its domestic customers. The result: tailor-made products that meet the needs of B2C and B2B target groups - complemented by customer-oriented service that focuses on prompt and solution-oriented advice. For this exceptional commitment, Gigaset receives the prestigious Plus X Award in the "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2022" category for phones. 

As the world's largest innovation prize for technology, sports and lifestyle, the Plus X Award honors forward-looking companies in seven categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology. In addition, the jury regularly presents special awards to companies and brands that have also achieved outstanding performance. These include the "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2022" award, which is based on a survey conducted in collaboration with the German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation. A total of 5,286 valid votes were cast by men and women aged 20 to 65 from all German states on the question of which brands they are particularly satisfied with in various categories. 

Balancing tradition and innovation for optimum customer experience
In view of the increasing global competition within the telecommunications industry, customer satisfaction is increasingly regarded as a key factor for long-term business success. In order to achieve strong customer loyalty, it is no longer enough simply to meet customer expectations: High-quality products and continuous optimization of customer-oriented processes serve to exceed the expectations of the buying public in order to ensure an optimal customer experience. For example, Gigaset offers "Smart Call Block," a cloud-based call blocking service for its CL690A SCB cordless phone, among others, which automatically matches unknown numbers with entries in an online database. In addition, there are other customer-oriented special offers, such as customized handsets and smartphones for seniors including an emergency call function or a compatibility check between Gigaset handsets and any base stations. Last but not least, Gigaset's production in Germany offers the advantage of transparently and credibly communicating the company's traditional "Made in Germany" quality promise to customers - and in turn gaining new impetus for further product development from their feedback. 

Customer orientation in practice at Gigaset - both internally and externally
The framework for the strong customer focus at Gigaset is a corporate culture that actively invests in the innovative spirit of employees in all areas of the company. "Central questions for us are: How are our customers' needs evolving? What products can we use to inspire our customers? But also: How do we deal with technical challenges and provide our customers with optimal, needs-oriented advice against this backdrop?" explains Raphael Dörr, SVP Corporate Communications, Investor Relations & Sponsoring at Gigaset. "By placing our customers at the center of all our activities, we are further expanding Gigaset's entrepreneurial success. This brings us one step closer every day to our stated goal of becoming 'best in class' in the telecommunications sector." 

PLUS X AWARD honors renowned companies in the German economy
In total, the current survey for the Plus X Award identified 53 brands in various industries that deserve the "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2022" award. Gigaset joins the who's who of other award winners in the German economy in the "Telephone" category. At the beginning of the year, Gigaset already had the pleasure of winning a Plus X Award: The company was honored in the "Specialist Retail Brand 2022" category as a central partner for telecommunications retailers in Germany.

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