Gigaset and Closing the Loop become partners

Bocholt, December 4th, 2023: Gigaset, a leading communications technology company and European market leader in DECT phones, is proud to announce the launch of its partnership with Closing the Loop. The co-operation is part of Gigaset's "Fair for Future" initiative for sustainability and social responsibility.

From now on*, every customer can add the "One for One" service in the Gigaset online shop. This means that for every new device (smartphone or phone) purchased in the Gigaset online shop, a scrap device is collected by Closing the Loop and the recovered materials are returned. This measure is implemented in countries without a functioning recycling infrastructure - primarily in Africa - and makes a significant contribution to reducing e-waste while also supporting local communities in these countries.

As the initiator of the project at Gigaset, Jörg Brühl, SVP Marketing at Gigaset, emphasises: "Our cooperation with Closing the Loop is more than just an environmentally conscious decision. It is a clear commitment to our global responsibility and an innovative component of our established Fair for Future philosophy. We are proud to make a concrete contribution to the circular economy and the protection of the environment through this partnership."

Mr Brühl's recent nomination for the prestigious Green CMO Award also shows that Gigaset's commitment to the environment and sustainability is important and long-term. This prize, awarded by the trade magazine W&V in cooperation with the Institute for Digital Out Of Home Media (IDOOH), recognises marketing executives who are committed to the sustainable transformation of their company and society. Jörg Brühl was selected as a shortlisted candidate for his commitment as a thought leader in environmental protection and sustainable advertising strategies.

Fair for Future as a central idea       
The partnership with Closing the Loop is embedded in Gigaset's broader Fair for Future programme. This programme reflects the company's commitment to sustainability, fair business practices and social responsibility. It includes initiatives such as the use of green electricity, the reduction of CO2 emissions, the production of durable and environmentally friendly packaged products and the development of accessible communication devices.

Joost de Kluijver, CEO of Closing the Loop, commented on the partnership as follows: "The collaboration with Gigaset shows how companies - and their customers - can make a concrete contribution to environmental protection. The 'One for One' initiative is an appealing model for sustainable business and fits perfectly with our vision of a waste-neutral technology sector."

How the "One for One" principle works       
When buying a new smartphone or phone in the Gigaset online shop, customers can select an option in the check-out process and help recycle valuable resources for €4.99 per new device. Gigaset rewards this commitment to the environment with a 15 per cent voucher for the next purchase in the online shop. Further information can be found on the official details page.

Fair for Future
The Fair for Future mindfulness seal is a visible sign of Gigaset's commitment to fairness, sustainability and future tasks. Gigaset has been committed to treating the environment fairly for a very long time. The company has been manufacturing in the heart of Germany, more precisely in Bocholt in Westphalia, for many decades - with green electricity, recycled or recyclable plastic and paper, little water and as little CO2 as possible. Gigaset also avoids the use of natural gas in its production processes. More information on Fair for Future can be found on the corresponding info page.

About Closing the Loop         
Closing the Loop is a social enterprise based in Amsterdam that has been active in the field of e-waste recycling since 2012 and is committed to promoting a circular economy. Closing the Loop is committed to sustainable consumption in the technology sector worldwide. The company offers a hands-on waste compensation service that makes electronic products such as phones and laptops 'waste neutral'. The company works with the tech industry, civil society and local communities and is active in research on circular procurement, waste reduction and the empowerment of informal communities.


*This offer is initially only available in Germany


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