Gigaset appoints new Head of European Operator Business

Munich, August 24, 2017 - To be able to continue to operate successfully on the sales front in the future, Gigaset is stepping up its efforts in operator business. By appointing Dr. Michael Orth as the new Head of Operator Business, Gigaset is underscoring the importance of these partnerships. The aim is to provide optimum support and interaction between partners throughout Europe.

Dr. Michael Orth, Head of Sales Germany since 2009, has been at Gigaset since 1987 and has many years of management experience in operator business across Europe, especially with regard to sales activities.

“We are delighted that Dr. Orth is taking on this new position for Gigaset. He has not only the necessary know-how, but also diverse and extensive experience that will help us apply a best practice approach to operator business,” says Michael Grodd, Head of Global Sales and Marketing.

Dr. Michael Orth will assume his new position on October 1, 2017, but will support his successor and new Head of Sales Germany in handing over responsibility and in the necessary initial training.

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