Gigaset E560A PLUS – Telephone convenience package with SOS function

Munich, April 18, 2017 - Many elderly people feel it important to keep on leading an autonomous, self-determined life as they grow older. That means technical innovations in telecommunications also need to address these needs. Gigaset has intensively tackled the issues of ergonomics, convenience and security for years, as proven by its large-button phones available on the market. The company has now gone a step further in order to give the elderly in particular and their families more security: The new convenience bundle E560A PLUS comprises a combination of the Gigaset E560A large-button phone and the L470 handsfree clip, which has been upgraded on the software side and can be used not only to take calls, but also call personally stored numbers directly or using the SOS function.

Convenient to use and ready for an emergency
The Gigaset E560A PLUS bundle unites the ease of use of the premium convenience phone E560A with extra-large buttons, a large high-contrast display and brilliant, particularly clear voice quality with the simple-to-use L470 handsfree clip, featuring redesigned software and functions, which ensures maximum flexibility thanks to its large range and long operating time, is comfortable to wear and above all imparts that reassuring feeling of security. The bundle makes activating the SOS function in an emergency even easier. It is not necessary to reach the base station or carry the phone around all day.

The L470 handsfree clip, which is 8 cm in size and weighs 30 grams, gives users a feeling of security and is a real help when they are in serious difficulties. This SOS mode can be enabled at the touch of a single button and then sends an emergency call to family members, neighbors or the doctor. The function, which was already able to be called from the Gigaset E560 handset, can now be activated by means of the L470 handsfree clip thanks to its new design. The SOS function is free of charge and no monthly fees need to be paid to use it. The numbers to be dialed in an emergency can be set by users themselves on the E560A and changed at any time.

A perfect balance between form and function
The Gigaset E560A PLUS is not only designed to offer security – the large-button phone Gigaset E560A also impresses as an appealing telephony solution for private households. After all, it boasts outstanding ergonomics, refined functionality, and intuitive user interfaces and menus. The illuminated buttons, which can be selected accurately, and the TFT color display with its extra-large digits ensure that users with impaired eyesight can also make optimum use of the device.

The excellent acoustics with certified HD sound quality, hearing aid compatibility (HAC) and the “extra loud” button to double the handset’s volume means users can hear and be heard well at all times. And they are bound never to miss a call again thanks to the visual alert by means of LED flashes. The E560A PLUS also has an integrated digital answering machine that can record up to 25 minutes of messages, is very simple to use from the E560A handset or base station and notifies the user of newly received messages on a display on the base station. The standard announcement can be replaced by a customized text of up to 170 seconds in length.

Unimpeded freedom of movement and maximum reachability at home
The Gigaset L470 handsfree clip needs no cables whatsoever, allows users full freedom of movement and boasts telephony in outstanding voice quality. Unlike with a headset, they do not have anything attached to their ear – the Gigaset L410 is simply clipped to their clothing and, weighing just 30 grams, is hardly noticeable. That means the small accessory offers true mobility for calls at home, allowing users to take care of other things at the same time. Thanks to the built-in SOS function, however, the L470 handsfree clip above all gives users a permanent feeling of security and boasts great staying power: a standby time of up to 120 hours and a talk time of up to five hours. The compact, portable and light handsfree device is easy to clip onto clothing and also offers maximum mobility thanks to its large range: 50 meters in buildings and 300 outdoors. All users need to do to receive a call or hang up is to be press the large phone key. The second key is used to adjust the volume of the ringtone and loudspeaker in five levels.

Help at the touch of a button
One press of the large button in the middle of the handsfree clip – or alternatively the speed dial key A on the E560 handset or on the base station – is also enough to send an SOS: Up to four previously saved internal or external numbers are dialed successively. If one of the stored persons does not pick up the phone, the other numbers are dialed successively and automatically in a loop – up to five times until someone takes the call. As soon as the emergency call is taken, the Gigaset E560A PLUS can play an automatic, customizable SOS message (“This is an emergency call”). After the SOS message has been played, the user can take over the call by pressing the central “receiver” button on the handsfree clip or the “5” key on the large-button phone.

Very simple installation thanks to plug & play
With its Gigaset E560A PLUS, Gigaset once again delivers ideal user friendliness based on the plug & play principle. The handset and handsfree clip are registered and linked to each other at the factory, so they can simply be unpacked, plugged in and used for calls right away. Settings and numbers on the E560A are automatically taken over by the L470. That means each device does not have to be configured separately. The particularly bright LED that indicates calls on the rear of the handset can also be used as a practical torch, just like the device can be used as an alarm clock with its own melody. The E560A PLUS also has a room monitoring function (baby phone) that enables a call to be made to an external number or other internal handsets if a noise is detected.

Radiation-free thanks to ECO DECT
Like all Gigaset cordless phones, the  Gigaset E560A and L470 handsfree clip come with environmentally-friendly ECO DECT technology. In other words, the phones are radiation-free in standby mode – even when several handsets are operated, provided the base stations and all registered handsets also support ECO DECT. During a call, the transmitting power is automatically adjusted to reflect the distance between the base station and the handset. The shorter the distance to the base station, the lower the transmitting power. ECO DECT mode can be disabled at any time to ensure a maximum DECT range.

Great freedom of movement, convenience and security
The Gigaset E560A PLUS, comprising the Gigaset E560A premium large-button phone with an answering machine and the L470 handsfree clip with an SOS function, will go on sale in retail and in the Gigaset online shop from April 2017 at the recommended retail price of €199.99. Gigaset also offers the security and convenience bundle at selected pharmacies and pharmaceutical distributors.

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