Gigaset elements – the innovative smart home alarm system

Munich, June 19, 2017 - Interest in a smart home is growing by the day. In a recent study , 60% of all respondents said they found the topic of smart home “interesting” or “very interesting.” Consumers regarded a means of controlling the heating, medical applications and security solutions as especially practical. This focus on security means there is a particularly great willingness to invest in monitoring and alarm solutions. Gigaset is addressing that very need by offering security for everyone with its innovative and modular alarm system.

Gigaset was early to enter the smart home market. The innovation leader in the product segment of smart alarm systems launched a starter kit in 2012. The system, which is based on sensors, the cloud and an app, has since been continuously expanded and its software enhanced to create an easy-to-use, highly flexible security solution. In 2014, the system was chosen for the first time by the readership of the connect magazine as the winner of the award in the category “Best Smart Home Solution.” Now, in 2017, the constantly growing portfolio of the system, which is developed and hosted in Germany, comprises around nine different sensors that can be used flexibly by customers to protect their house or apartment effectively and enable them to check and see what is happening there, even if they are away from home.

Great desire for remote-controlled security technology

Around 68% of the persons surveyed in a recent study had a great need for remote-controlled security technology. The keenest interest is in door and window contacts or smoke detectors. Cameras and an alarm system in the form of a siren come in second. In third place, but no less important, is a means of notifying residents, friends or security services.

Gigaset elements offers tailor-made solutions for all those application scenarios. The alarm system’s individual sensors are ideally coordinated with each other and can be flexibly supplemented, arranged and controlled using the app. 

“Our mission was to develop the best solution for the customer,” says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset AG. “We offer genuine added value in many respects, especially for those interested in a scalable and hence sustainable security solution.”

Suitable for every home and all demands

The alarm system sets standards as regards installation and commissioning. The “Gigaset elements alarm system S,” one of the three preconfigured starter kits, is up and running in less than 10 minutes – without the need to drill holes or screw anything in place. That is a major sales argument, especially in view of the fact that 82% of all participants in the study  said that the amount of work involved in installing smart home solutions is high or very high. The sensors, which are powered by a CR123A lithium battery, are mounted on doors, walls or windows by means of adhesive strips and can thus be removed or repositioned without leaving any traces – an advantage in rented accommodation, in particular.

The sensors are connected to the system’s base station via DECT ULE, an especially secure and energy-saving wireless standard. Gigaset played a major part in developing and shaping the DECT standard, which has been used in fixed-line telephony for decades. Thanks to its many advantages, the standard is also used, for example, by Deutsche Telekom in its new routers. A secure connection is established quickly and very reliably between the system’s base stations and the home router via LAN. 

The alarm system can be expanded with further sensors and actuators at any time. More than 60 sensors can currently be integrated in one system. If users move to a larger home or want additional monitoring, such as by video cameras, they can add components to their system at any time.

End-to-end portfolio of sensors and actuators

Customers can purchase the alarm system and thus make their home secure for €199.99 (RRP). The “Gigaset elements alarm system S” gives them an ideally tuned solution for smaller apartments on higher floors.

“A great deal of extra security can be obtained in an apartment in a multi-family dwelling unit for just under €200,” adds Raphael Dörr. “We also offer preconfigured bundles in two further security packages with the sizes M and L. Customers can always add further sensors to suit their needs. A detached house with a patio door, basement, first floor and numerous windows can be protected quickly and easily for around €700. That’s nothing compared to conventional alarm systems that have to be permanently installed.”

Practical control via an app

The app for Android and iOS turns the smartphone into the central module for controlling security throughout the home and also the communications hub in which all information on movements, security incidents or the individual sensors is collected. The app can be used to set up, configure and control the system. Relevant information is displayed on screen directly by means of a push notification. A video stream from the optional surveillance camera can only be viewed directly using the app. The app is continuously enhanced and hence always up-to-date.

Numerous scenarios can be mapped

The alarm system from Gigaset enables comprehensive protection of homes, starting from presence simulation and hence prevention of potential break-in attempts. This is achieved, for example, by lights being turned on automatically at certain times, which is possible using the switchable socket “plug” and the app-based Rule Manager. When the home occupants are on vacation, their presence at home can be reliably simulated by various lights and radios being switched on and off.

Users are notified of attempted tampering and break-ins right away. Customers greatly appreciate the system’s inconspicuous and simple design, which does not catch the eye of users or potential intruders, meaning the police can be alerted in an emergency even before the perpetrators have left. Additional cameras, alarm sirens and motion sensors can be used to heighten the level of effective protection against intruders quickly and easily. 

The alarm system has been able to trigger effective fire and smoke warnings since the beginning of 2017. The “smoke” sensors alert users if they are at home, as well as by means of a push notification on the smartphone if they happen to be out or away when smoke is generated.

Gigaset will keep on expanding the portfolio of sensors and enhance interoperability with other systems and services. The company will present further sensors and partnerships in 2017. 

“Moving ahead, we intend to develop our alarm system further to address aspects beyond just that of security,” adds Raphael Dörr. “There is especially keen interest among consumers in medical and heating applications. We’ll expand into one of those fields.”

Gigaset elements is available from specialty retailers and in the Gigaset online shop. You can find useful tutorials on how to put the system into operation on the Gigaset YouTube channel.

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