Gigaset G-tag: New software update adds a social side to the device that finds everything

Munich, February 4, 2016 - Bluetooth beacons are enjoying growing popularity thanks to their versatility. Whether it's finding keys, preventing theft or remembering where the car has been parked – the user alone defines the limits to their use. And the G-tag, which has been a big hit since it was launched a year ago, is no different. With the new software update to version 2.0, Gigaset has now given the G-tag a social side by integrating a sharing function that expands its possible uses even further.

Whereas you previously had to go searching for objects on your own using the app and G-tag, the new software update now allows objects with a G-tag to be searched for by other people. Gigaset is thus not only responding to a growing trend, but also to the many requests from customers for such a feature. Persons who already use the app are invited directly in the app to join the search. New users are invited by means of an e-mail link asking them to download the software. Sharing a G-tag must be confirmed by both parties and can be terminated at any time by just one of them.

"The new sharing function makes the G-tag even more versatile," says Raphael Dörr, press spokesperson for Gigaset AG. "Let's take the example of several people who share a car and, until now, always had to clarify who parked the car last and where. That's now a thing of the past with a G-tag in the car and the G-tag app on the users' smartphones. All of them are now notified automatically of the vehicle's last position."

And the scope covers more than just cars. The new sharing function offers clear benefits in particular for objects used regularly by several people. That means it also lends itself for professional use at work, for example, in workshops, factories or other production facilities where several employees need to use the same machines at different times.

Users define the application scenarios
Alongside the search function the G-tag also offers other functions that are very useful in everyday life. One popular feature among users is the location function that enables a car to be to found quickly and easily. The list function, used to define several objects, such as a notebook, recharging cable and briefcase, as a group, ensures that you have all of the items with you. The alarm function sounds an alert as soon as a tagged object leaves or returns to the smartphone's Bluetooth range.

Long service life, sustainable and versatile
The G-tag is compatible with Android smartphones with version 4.4.2 and above, which also have Bluetooth 4.0, and with Apple products as of generation iPhone 4s, iPad 3, iPad mini 1 or iPod touch 5 (software version iOS 7). The G-tag app is available free of charge from Google Play or the iTunes Store. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the G-tag has a range of up to 30 meters and, with its low power consumption, can be used for up to a year. Unlike other rival products, the G-tag's battery is then quick and easy to replace – a clear advantage for consumers and the environment. To ensure that it fits in well into everyday life, the G-tag comes in the colors black, white, red, green and orange and in different pack sizes.

The G-tag is available from specialty retailers priced €19.99 (pack of 1), €49.99 (pack of 3) and €79.99 (pack of 5).

Press Contact:
Raphael Dörr
Press Spokesman Gigaset AG
Phone: +49 (0)89 444 456 866

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