GIGASET ME: developed for you

Berlin, September 1, 2015 - GIGASET, Europe’s market leader in DECT telephony, is unveiling GIGASET ME, its first line of smartphones to be developed in-house, just in time for IFA in Berlin. By presenting the three models GIGASET ME Pure, GIGASET ME and GIGASET ME Pro, the seasoned communications specialists from Germany are entering into a new chapter in the second decade of the company’s history and are moving to pool the internationally operating group’s strengths in an impressive way.

For its ME series, GIGASET is uniting state-of-the-art technology with its extensive experience in the development of telecommunications and consumer electronics. The international company, headquartered in Germany, is entering one of the most attractive growth markets of the present day with great confidence and dedication. “If you’re going to do something, you ought to do it right,” GIGASET CEO Charles Fränkl says. “We have the infrastructure and, more importantly, the people, ideas and technology to be a lasting success in this highly competitive industry.”

Meeting the highest expectations
With the aim of achieving this goal, GIGASET employs some of the world’s best engineers and designers, who have set new standards in the mobile-phone sector when it comes to reliability, user comfort and the balance between technical sophistication and high-end design. Each of the premium smartphones has been built with the quality, design and lifestyle needs of modern, active users and embodies the quality and values of German engineering.

The phones’ high-resolution cameras with wide-angle lenses and countless comfort features deliver larger and better photos. When it comes to sound, all models win consumers over with support for high-quality lossless formats thanks to innovative audio-transmission concepts. The strict GIGASET quality standards are also reflected in the pure design language and top-quality materials used to make the GIGASET ME.

Premium design, engineered in Germany
“In GIGASET ME, every one of our customers should find something to make them happy, no matter who they are, where they use it or the situation they use it in,” multi-award-winning GIGASET designer Hans-Henning Brabänder says, summing up his integrated, detailed vision for the GIGASET ME. The design language developed under his leadership combines high-end stainless steel, elegantly rounded third-generation Gorilla® Glass on the front and back of the phone and unbeatable German production quality. Thanks to the moulded holeless design, every phone is protected from dust and moisture. The lightweight, yet sturdy stainless steel frame makes the GIGASET ME a pleasure to hold and is a great match for the phone’s clean design, every element of which puts users in mind of the perfect design DNA of other GIGASET products.

All GIGASET ME devices will become commercially available in Europe and China in autumn 2015. Prices will be 349 € for the entry-level model GIGASET ME Pure, 469 € for the standard model GIGASET ME and 549 € for the premium model GIGASET ME Pro.

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