Gigaset presents new Gigaset GO product series: Fixed-network cordless phones with a future

Munich, March 17, 2015: With its new Gigaset GO product series, Gigaset presents cordless phones that add new qualities to fixed-line telephony in conjunction with smartphones and Internet-based services. The IP phones are especially suited for the new IP-based fixed-line connections of Deutsche Telekom, which will gain in importance as part of network conversion throughout Germany.

Deutsche Telekom is continuing systematically with the planned complete conversion of its network to all-IP technology. Conventional analog and ISDN-based connections are to become a thing of the past in large cities by 2016 and throughout Germany by 2018 – after which phone calls will be handled by Voice-over-IP (VoIP), i.e. over the Internet line. Gigaset has been monitoring this development for some time and now presents a dedicated product portfolio that is recommended in particular for all-IP connections.

The magic box: Gigaset GO-Box 100
To enable seamless transition from analog to IP telephony, the Gigaset GO-Box 100 base station still has an analog fixed-line connection, as well as an additional LAN port and a VoIP client for two parallel calls and six numbers. The Gigaset GO-Box 100 is the DECT base station for all GO phones and the interface for new communication options, in particular for customers whose contracts are converted to IP-based connections. Torsten Velker, Head of Home Solutions at Gigaset, states: “The Gigaset GO products and further developed Gigaset elements app will mean that for the first time our customers can experience the joint benefits from the cordless phone and home networking product segments.”

Using the Gigaset apps for iOS and Android smartphones, users can interact with Gigaset GO phones using their smartphone and, for example, use an app to transfer telephone book entries from the smartphone to the DECT handsets. The Gigaset elements app, which is familiar to users from the smart home segment, has been supplemented with a “Notification” function and also shows users who are away from home who has called and whether they have left a message. The number of Gigaset apps and so customer convenience is being continuously enhanced.

The Gigaset GO phones thus provide private customers with online services that were previously familiar only from the professional segment. That means it is possible to dial numbers from a public telephone directory or have the name of the caller displayed as plain text when a call is received – a service Gigaset offers in cooperation with klickTel. Further information services can be used as a screensaver or live ticker on the handset.

As soon as a Gigaset GO phone has access to the Internet, it logs on automatically to the Gigaset server "" and gives users the possibility of making free calls worldwide with other people who have a Gigaset GO device that is also registered on ""

The Gigaset GO product series will go on sale as of April 2015 and is available from Gigaset's online shop. It will be launched with a broad range catering for all requirements. In the C class with a color display, the Gigaset C430A GO (RRP €79.99) supplements the C430 series. The popular and rugged Gigaset E630A will have a new variant, the Gigaset E630A GO (RRP €119.99) and the classic designer phone Gigaset SL400 will be flanked by the new Gigaset SL400A GO (RRP €149.99) and so likewise be ready for IP telephony. A further product innovation is the Gigaset S850A GO (RRP €99.99), a communications talent that is positioned in the upper midrange. All Gigaset GO products have three answering machines to which individual numbers can be assigned.

Gigaset AG, Munich, is an internationally operating company in the area of communications technology. It is Europe's market leader in DECT telephones. The premium supplier is likewise the leader worldwide with around 1,400 employees and sales activities in around 70 countries. Under the name Gigaset pro, the company continues to develop and market innovative business telephony solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company also operates in the smart home arena. Cutting-edge, cloud-based products and solutions for the smart home are developed and marketed under the name Gigaset elements.

Gigaset AG is listed on the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse and is therefore subject to the highest requirements for transparency. Its shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 'GGS' (ISIN: DE0005156004).

Press Contact:
Raphael Dörr
Press Spokesman Gigaset AG
Phone: +49 (0)89 444 456 866

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