Gigaset smart home alarm system integrates Philips Hue lighting control concept

Munich, June 28, 2017 - For years, Gigaset’s smart home alarm system has offered a secure and reliable solution to give homes optimum protection against burglary and fire. As recent surveys show, consumers regard security solutions as especially practical, among other applications. There is also a high willingness to invest in security, monitoring and alarm systems. Gigaset is responding to this and expanding its portfolio by integrating Philips Hue light sources.

Gigaset established itself on the smart home market early on. It has been offering a flexible and smart “alarm system for everyone” since 2012. It is now expanding its portfolio by integrating the well-known and popular Philips Hue lighting system. Gigaset will thus enable smart linking with additional Philips Hue light sources at home that are activated in the event of an alarm, for example, in response to an attempted break-in or when smoke is detected.

Integrating Philips Hue offers advantages for customers

Philips is also a player in the smart home market with its Hue lighting concept. The smart lights mean tailored scenarios can be realized in houses and apartments. The widespread lighting system is likewise controlled by means of an app. Individual bulbs can be controlled to achieve a customized lighting concept throughout the home. Philips uses a combination of app, bridge (similar to the Gigaset base station) and bulbs that replace traditional bulbs in the sockets of ceiling/wall lights and standard lamps. 

“Philips Hue is a popular smart home lighting concept,” says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset AG. “The appeal of the system is that its bulbs inconspicuously replace traditional ones, which means that every lamp in the home can become a Philips Hue light. We’re now leveraging that function as part of our alarm system. In the event of an emergency, we can now use Philips Hue bulbs to indicate an attempted burglary or potential danger from smoke and fire.” 

Ideal addition for greater security

The Philips Hue lighting control solution is linked to the Gigaset alarm system at cloud level. If there is an attempted break-in, it is reported by the various sensors and all the Philips Hue lights are turned on to full brightness. 

Integration of Philips Hue is also a sensible addition to the existing portfolio in the event of a fire. 70% of all fire victims are caught unaware at night in their sleep between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Apart from the smoke detector Gigaset smoke, which detects the smoke and sounds an acoustic alert, the entire home can be lit up brightly in conjunction with Philips Hue to wake up the inhabitants as quickly as possible.

Gradual opening and integration

Integration of Philips Hue is an initial step in opening up Gigaset’s solution to third-party systems and services. Gigaset’s aim in doing this is to improve customer benefit and convenience. Other useful scenarios will also be examined and integrated in the alarm system on the basis of the open API interface in the future. Further application scenarios for Philips Hue will also follow.

Experience Gigaset elements 

The Gigaset alarm system will be premiered to the press and trade experts at the PREVIEW event at “The Charles Hotel” in Munich on June 28, 2017. Visitors can also experience there how the Gigaset alarm system interacts with all the sensors and actuators in a live scenario. Gigaset will keep on expanding the portfolio of sensors and enhance interoperability with other systems and services. The company will present further sensors and partnerships in 2017. 

Gigaset elements is available from specialty retailers and in the Gigaset online shop. You can find useful tutorials on how to put the system into operation on the Gigaset YouTube channel.

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