Gigaset Smart Home alarm system links up with the Google Assistant

Smart home solutions are becoming increasingly common in German households, not least thanks to the voice control function. The Bocholt-based company presents yet another way in which it is opening up smartly to third-party systems and services, by integrating the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system with the Google Assistant. Gigaset is now expanding its Smart Home portfolio and linking up with the Google Assistant on Google Home.

The Gigaset Smart Home alarm system successfully established itself on the market at an early stage. The telecommunications company developed the smart “alarm system for everyone” back in 2012. With its intelligent portfolio of individual sensors and actuators, the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system offers a solution for every home. The system is now being expanded by integration of the Google Assistant. Gigaset thus enables intelligent linking of the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system with a digital voice control system that can now be used as a control panel for the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system.

Intelligent integration with the Google Assistant 

The Google Assistant has already been available on phones in the German market an recently came to Google Home at the beginning of August. The Assistant responds to requests based on the appropriate context thanks to artificial intelligence. Commands and requests are always initiated with “Ok Google.” In this way, users have music played or questions answered – or can now control the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system. The hands-free smart speaker thus acts as an intelligent interface to the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system.

“These days it’s becoming increasingly important to find smart, customized solutions, also for our own four walls,” says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset AG. “The Google Assistant, offers a useful means to enable smart control of our Gigaset Smart Home plug.”

More smartness in the home

The Google Assistant is linked to the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system via the cloud. This entails connecting to Gigaset Smart Home device in the Google Assistant or Google Home app so that the Gigaset Smart Home plug can be controlled individually and quickly. Any light source can then be turned on and off with the smart plug. The Gigaset Smart Home plug is switched on by issuing the spoken command “Ok Google, switch on the living room light” via the Assistant on Google Home. Every single Gigaset plug can be controlled using the same principle.

Gradual opening and integration

The integration with the Google Assistant once more demonstrates Gigaset’s commitment to a smart policy of opening up to third-party systems and service. Gigaset’s aim in doing this is to improve customer benefit and convenience. Useful scenarios will therefore be examined and integrated in the alarm system on the basis of the open API interface.

Gigaset Smart Home alarm system 

The Smart Home alarm system from Gigaset enables comprehensive protection of homes, starting from presence simulation and hence prevention of potential break-in attempts. Users are notified of attempted tampering and break-ins right away by the app. Customers greatly appreciate the system’s inconspicuous and simple design, which does not catch the eye of users or potential intruders, meaning the police can be alerted in an emergency even before the perpetrators have left.

The Gigaset Smart Home alarm system is available from specialty retailers and in the Gigaset online shop. You can find useful tutorials on how to put the system into operation on the Gigaset YouTube channel.

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