HTV-Life® mark of excellence for the Gigaset CL660HX

Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately reduces a product’s useful life, is more than ever an issue of concern to consumers. After all, such conduct not only hits customers in the pocket, but is also primarily a burden on the environment. With its premium products and production in Germany, Gigaset has taken a clear stance against planned obsolescence and also has this certified by an external body – with a corresponding seal from the HTV test house. The new Gigaset CL660HX router handset has now also been awarded the HTV-Life® mark of excellence.

A study by the German Federal Environment Agency proves that many products have too short a useful life.

Although an accompanying study commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency could not prove that manufacturers deliberately planned obsolescence into their products, the President of the Agency, Maria Krautzberger, nevertheless criticizes the fact that many appliances have too short a useful life. She also points to the “[…] lack of transparency for consumers.”

Despite plain words, only few manufacturers have so far adopted a policy of having their products certified externally. The situation is completely different at Gigaset: The company has worked for more than two years with HTV-GmbH, which will successively certify its entire product portfolio. As a result, Gigaset is one of the world’s first manufacturers to take this step and has already been awarded the HTV-Life® mark of excellence for its A400, E310, E550, E630, C430, C620, S850 and SL400 models. The latest VoIP-capable designer phones from Gigaset in the shape of the Gigaset CL660 product line have now also gained certification.

Gigaset products stand for long durability
“Our customer service regularly receives requests for repairs for products that are sometimes 15 or 20 years old. There can hardly be any clearer proof of our products’ durability,” says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset AG. “By having our products certified externally by HTV-GmbH, we are taking a proactive step toward certified quality and durability, since planned obsolescence is an absolute no-go for Gigaset.”

Conversion to IP telephony

Deutsche Telekom is forging ahead with the conversion of analog and ISDN connections to IP telephony. All households will have been migrated to VoiP by 2018. This offers consumers the attractive option of operating cordless handsets directly on VoIP routers with a DECT module, which is precisely what the Gigaset HX handsets, such as the Gigaset CL660HX, have been designed for.

HTV-Life® mark of excellence for the Gigaset CL660HX

The new Gigaset CL660HX represents a milestone in the development of cordless phones. Its perfect synthesis of powerful technology, excellent ergonomics and modern design matches the exact needs of today's demanding cordless phone users. Despite its slender and compact form, the phone boasts a large and mechanically precise keypad. The 2.4 cm TFT color display is packed full of clearly arranged and intuitive functions. 

Surfaces that boast a superb look and feel, together with elaborate details such as the metallic central navigation key, contribute further to the stand-out product quality of the Gigaset CL660HX.

Optimum convenience

In addition to its brilliant HD voice quality – also outstanding in hands-free operation – the CL660HX provides a range of other ultra-convenient sound features for phone use. It brings a high level of convenience in other aspects as well, such as an address book for up to 400 contacts, with space for three phone numbers per entry. This address book can be synchronized with Google™ contacts (cloud service on the Internet), with Windows or Outlook contacts, and with Apple Mac address books (including iCloud). Exchange of address data (and any related images) requires a connection via the micro USB port and installation of the Gigaset QuickSync software on the PC or Mac. It's also possible to assign special VIP melodies and photos to contacts in the address book, enabling users to recognize callers by their ring tone or displayed image.

About HTV-GmbH

HTV has existed since 1986 and is an independent test house for conducting electronic, mechanical and chemical analyses, as well as examining the service life of products. The company currently has around 220 employees. HTV's expertise is highly sought in studies, such as by federal offices, as well as for expert reports or qualifications. As a specialist in long-term conservation of components, HTV has very great competence in testing and analyzing mechanisms that cause products to age or fail and in determining the useful life of components. More information on the HTV mark of excellence can be found on the official Gigaset homepage. You can go there directly by clicking on this link.

What is planned obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence denotes deliberately incorporating weaknesses into a product, developing solutions with a shorter durability, using raw materials of lower quality, or deciding not to offer any spare parts. All of that means a product becomes faulty or defective sooner than necessary and so cannot be used to the full extent. Planned obsolescence is thus closely linked to today’s throw-away society, in which products are no longer repaired, but discarded and replaced by new ones.

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