Innovation in occupational safety: The new Gigaset R700H protect PRO DECT handset

Bocholt, December 13th, 2023 - In a world where technological advances and safety in the workplace must go hand in hand, Gigaset presents the R700H protect PRO - a robust DECT handset specially developed for demanding and sometimes dangerous conditions in industry and service sectors. According to the DGUV, almost 800,000 accidents at work occurred in Germany alone in 2022. The new R700H protect PRO is an innovative solution that can help provide rapid assistance.

The design of the R700H protect PRO sets new standards in functionality and durability. It combines an aesthetically pleasing exterior with the robustness expected of an IP65-certified housing and is therefore protected against dust and water jets. The handset offers a clear and high-resolution display, a user-friendly interface and a long battery life designed to last the whole working day. With its advanced alerting technology, which includes pre-configurable alarms and an intuitive SOS button, the R700H protect PRO sets new standards for safety in the workplace.

The R700H protect PRO is also characterised by its outstanding safety features. Equipped with a precise motion sensor, the handset recognises emergencies such as the "man down" condition and automatically triggers an alarm, while the SOS button enables manual alarms. Technical alarms and configurable pre-alarms ensure efficient advance monitoring, and the torch LED helps to quickly locate people who have had an accident.

The advantages of the AML functions in the handset
The integrated AML functions (Alarm, Messaging, Location) of the R700H protect PRO offer an additional level of security. Using the MQTT protocol, alarms and location information can be transmitted directly to the alarm server, ensuring an immediate response in an emergency. The combination of DECT and Bluetooth technology enables precise location determination, which can be crucial in an emergency.

"With the R700H protect PRO, we are setting new standards in terms of safety and functionality for DECT handsets in industrial and service-orientated working environments. We have worked closely with experts from various industries to develop a device that is not only robust and reliable, but also offers life-saving features," says Michael Anft, Senior Product Manager at Gigaset. "We are proud that the R700H protect PRO takes workplace safety to a new level while increasing operational efficiency."

Areas of application and use cases
The R700H protect PRO is ideal for a wide range of applications where employee safety is a top priority. In industry, for example, technical faults can be quickly recognised and communicated, which improves the workflow and increases safety. In lone worker protection, the handset enables effective monitoring without the need for an attendant, which saves costs and still fulfils safety standards.

This makes the R700H protect PRO ideal for applications where precision and reliability are of crucial importance, for example:

  • Hotel complexes: Fast and efficient communication between staff is crucial in hotel operations. The R700H protect PRO DECT handset is ideal for hotel staff who are constantly moving around the extensive premises. In the event of an emergency, such as a medical emergency involving a guest or a security-related incident, the device enables staff to raise an alarm immediately and transmit the exact location within the hotel. The robust design of the handset ensures reliability in daily use.
  • Plant security: In large production plants, warehouses and other industrial facilities, plant security is crucial for maintaining safety and order. The R700H protect PRO enables security personnel to communicate efficiently and receive immediate support in an emergency. With features such as precise localisation and automatic alerting in the event of falls or physical attacks, the handset provides an additional layer of security for personnel in critical situations.
  • Medical & psychiatric facilities: In psychiatric hospitals and care facilities, the safety of patients and carers is of paramount importance. The R700H protect PRO serves as an important communication tool, especially in cases where carers are confronted with challenging or potentially dangerous situations and patients. The device's instant alerting function allows staff to call for assistance quickly, which can be life-saving in emergency situations.
  • Industrial complexes: In industrial facilities where employees work in different areas such as production halls, warehouses or maintenance areas, the R700H protect PRO offers a significant improvement in occupational safety. In the event of an accident, such as a hand becoming trapped in a machine or a fall, the person affected or a colleague can quickly call for help. The device transmits the exact location within the complex, enabling a rapid response from safety personnel and efficient medical assistance. The handset's robust housing ensures that it works reliably even in harsh working environments.

With its IP65-protected housing, its resistance to disinfectants and scratches as well as its dust resistance, the R700H protect PRO is equipped for even the most demanding environments. The auto-provisioning function simplifies configuration, while state-of-the-art features and high-quality workmanship ensure a long-term and sustainable investment.

The right partner at the customer's side
Gigaset sells its Professional portfolio via a network of qualified partners - including IT and telecommunications providers, value-added resellers (VARs) and providers of enterprise systems. The partners advise, sell and install Gigaset Professional solutions and offer customers additional services. A local partner can always be found using the Gigaset dealer search where the new Gigaset R700H protect PRO will be available from Q1 2024.

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