Innovative and elegant all-rounder: Gigaset Fusion

All-in-one phone system for SOHO and SMEs with professional telephony functions and innovative extras 

Gigaset is pushing the boundaries of business telephony: Fusion is a combination of desktop phone, DECT base station, PBX phone system and Smart Home base. With its wide range of functions, the device is ideal for small offices, doctor’s offices, law offices, agencies, and the demanding home office. All the settings and functions can be configured via a web-based interface and operated using the touch-and-swipe display. Different integrated interfaces provide maximum flexibility for connecting external devices. Even before the launch, Gigaset Fusion, together with the newly programmed Web UI, already received the iF Design Award 2022 back in May. 

How we work today has changed fundamentally: The trend is toward the flexible office – working from anywhere, no matter whether it’s at the company, on the move, or at home. And the demands on office and communication devices are becoming increasingly complex. They should be easy to connect to other devices and intuitive to use. 

That also applies in millions of micro-enterprises in the European Union with less than ten employees that are adapting to the new situation. “Many of these enterprises are currently trying to optimize their costs in the strained economic situation,” says Thomas Kopowski, the responsible product manager at Gigaset. “Most of all, they want intelligent telecommunications solutions without major infrastructures. It is for them and many others that we have developed Gigaset Fusion – a device that combines everything that’s needed in the SOHO and SME segment.”

Complex technology, easy to use
Gigaset Fusion is extremely contact-friendly. It connects via LAN, WiFi, USB-C, Bluetooth, DECT and DECT ULE to the network, laptops and computers, headsets and handsets, smartphones and Gigaset Smart Home sensors. Up to eight DECT handsets, 20 SIP devices and 64 Gigaset ONE X sensors can be connected, and the integrated phone system allows six parallel calls for up to 20 users. Five local answering machines, access to Google or Microsoft 365 contacts, and a dialog system for automated call handling make everyday working life easier. 

“Usability comes first,” says Armin Kanani, Head of Design at Gigaset. “We programmed our own Web UI to be able to set up this host of functions with ease. And the interface for the touch-and-swipe display is also a new development. We wanted use to be as intuitive as possible.” That means the three main displays can be customized, the up to 72 display keys assigned, and connectivity set up. Various installation assistants help in that process.

A communications multi-talent in an elegant design
The use of high-quality materials such as the durable and precise metal dome keyboard make Fusion an eye-catcher in any office. The elegant stand and metal trim have an attractive high-gloss finish. The 5" HD touch-and-swipe display facilitates access to all phone functions and ensures that caller information is always to hand. The interactive voice response menu (IVR) allows calls to be taken conveniently and efficiently – the IVR system can, for example, be used in doctor’s offices to reduce the number of calls at reception if all the caller wants to do is leave a request for a new prescription.

The integrated PBX phone system is designed for up to 20 users. It makes no difference whether mobile devices or permanently installed SIP desktop phones are connected to the system. At the same time, it ensures secure connections via SRTP/SIPS/TLS, LDAP(S) and HTTPS. Up to eight handsets can be connected via the integrated DECT base station and up to four calls conducted in parallel. Access to Google & Microsoft 365 contacts is also possible. 

A special highlight is the function as a Smart Home base station for up to 64 Gigaset ONE X sensors. Using the Gigaset elements app for smartphones, rules can be defined, alarms activated and deactivated, sensor settings changed, and notifications retrieved regardless of the user’s location – if, for example, a window has not been closed. The Easy Alarm Mode switch on the display allows the alarm mode to be activated directly when the workplace is vacated. That also makes Fusion the base station for security or convenience features, for example, in doctor’s offices, offices, or stores.

Cost-efficient in small enterprises
The Gigaset Fusion PBX phone system offers users a host of functions with unlimited use at no extra cost. Additional features that are useful in a business setting, such as the interactive voice response menu (IVR), BLF keys, the time-controlled redirection or connection of up to 20 IP devices, are included in Gigaset Fusion. 

Fusion saves voice messages and contact details locally – they can then be downloaded centrally. Use of cloud services is possible but not essential. The servers are located in Germany. The data is stored securely in accordance with stringent EU rules and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

“With the Gigaset DX800A all in one, we offered a technically versatile and flexible solution for more than 10 years, dominating the small office and home office market,” says Ralf Lueb, SVP Global Sales at Gigaset. “Fusion will remind many users of the DX800A. On the technical front, however, we now offer whole new opportunities – and the sophisticated design will also help us to access new target groups and applications areas.”

Prices and availability
Fusion is available in a bundle with two SL800H PRO handset in Dark Titanium. The Gigaset Fusion FX800W PRO Bundle will go on sale from the start of 2023 at the RRP of €594.95 incl. VAT. 

Gigaset markets its Professional portfolio through a network of qualified partners, who include IT and telecommunications providers, value added resellers (VARs) and providers of enterprise systems. The partners offer advice, sell and install the Gigaset Professional solutions, and offer customers other services. 

The Gigaset retailer search can be used to find a local partner. High-resolution press photos can be found here. Further information and details are available on the Gigaset Fusion microsite.

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