Landline goes Android: The Gigaset SL930A

Munich, August 22, 2013 – Gigaset is taking fixed-line telephony into the 21st century.  The Gigaset SL930A offers its users the full range of functions and operating concept of an Android™ interface packaged in a DECT-based full-touch phone for the home. Gigaset is thus expanding traditional fixed-line telephony to include the boundless world of apps from Google Play™.

A new dimension in fixed-line telephony
With the Gigaset SL930A, discriminating customers can now enjoy all the advantages of a smartphone in addition to the customary convenience of fixed-line telephony. The Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) interface allows quick and easy access to Google Play with its more than 975,000 apps – directly via your router and the Gigaset SL930A’s WLAN function. The phone is extremely easy to operate, can be tailored to your personal taste with the countless Android apps and configured to suit your individual wishes – thus significantly extending the range of applications of a conventional fixed-network phone.

“The SL930A is a quantum leap in fixed-line telephony,” says Charles Fränkl, CEO of Gigaset AG. “The Android interface offers whole new opportunities for designing our products.” The flexible and open operating system gives consumers a significant benefit in terms of long service life. Firmware updates, as are customary with notebooks or smartphones, are now also possible on the fixed-line phone, keeping the user interface up-to-date at all times and allowing new software to be integrated in the device.

Smart times for the home
Extensively equipped, but not overloaded – that's the basic concept of the SL930A. The Android interface complements the customary and convenient functions of fixed-network telephony and offers maximum freedom for users without neglecting the technological requirements of fixed-line phone users. Google Play, which comes preinstalled with the Android 4.0 operating system, enables users to download and install programs, games and e-books. The cooperation between Google and Gigaset and associated integration of Google Play in the SL930A offers users extremely convenient and comprehensive access to apps and software.

“Our many years of experience and extensive market research benefited us greatly in planning and developing the SL930A,” says Andreas Merker, Head of Android & IP Consumer Products at Gigaset. “The SL930A is the ideal symbiosis of fixed-line telephony with Android and offers precisely those technical features that are actually used by customers in the home.”  

Answering machine included as standard
The SL930A allows calls to be made as desired in the fixed network or over the Internet via Skype. If, for once, you cannot or do not want to be reached personally, the SL930A offers an integrated answering machine that can record up to 55 minutes of messages and can be operated simply from the handset. The SL930A’s answering machine is also compatible with numerous other handsets from Gigaset, such as the C620H, SL910H or E630H.

Impressive appearance
The Gigaset SL930A also has what it takes visually to become the new flagship in Gigaset’s product range. Its form enhances the user experience, with a flat casing and its polished metal surface ensuring ergonomically perfect handling. High-precision mechanical components coupled with meticulous workmanship down to the smallest detail create a haptic concept that offers unique quality, blends with the state-of-the-art Android interface and thus underscores the synergy between software and hardware.

Expect more from your new phone
Yet the SL930A offers much more than just letting you manage e-mails easily on a fixed-line phone. The Android address book has space for over 2,000 entries in the form of vCards, ensures extra convenience because it can be synchronized simply with other accounts or phone books and eliminates the bother of having to enter and store contacts in the phone. What's more, the SL930A also impresses when it comes to entertainment – whether it's photos, videos or music – as the TFT full-touch display with its 81 mm diagonal means that users can surf conveniently on the Internet, enjoy video clips or films and view photos and images in pin-sharp clarity. The internal 4 GB memory offers ample storage space – users can use 1.5 GB of it – and can be extended to a maximum of 32 GB with a microSD card. High-quality sound is an inherent feature of the SL930A. The tried and-tested, popular and convenient handsfree function, offering full-duplex quality with HSP and HDSP sound quality for Internet-based applications such as Skype, now also enables top-class reproduction of music and sound. Media files can be transferred incredibly easily thanks to the micro-USB port.

The beginning of a new era
For Gigaset, the SL930A points the way to new and highly promising cloud-friendly products. “With the SL930A we plan to set new standards in uniting innovative technologies with outstanding design in the fixed-network segment,” adds Charles Fränkl. “We’ll also soon launch a matching product in our Gigaset pro range. The ‘Maxwell’ will be a full-touch HD video phone in tablet format and likewise based on an Android interface. There will also be further Android-based product points with new functions and in other variants in the consumer segment.”

Android™ und Google Play™ sind Warenzeichen oder eingetragene Warenzeichen von Google Inc.

Gigaset AG, Munich, is an internationally operating company in the area of communications technology. The Company is Europe's market leader in DECT telephones. The premium supplier ranks second worldwide with around 1,400 employees and a market presence in around 70 countries.

Gigaset AG is listed on the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse and so is subject to the very highest requirements for transparency. Its shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 'GGS' (ISIN: DE0005156004).

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