Pop it on instead of plugging it in: The new Wireless Fast Charger from Gigaset

Wireless charging for Gigaset and over 900 other products 

In its smartphones “Made in Germany”, Gigaset consistently uses replaceable batteries that are easy to replace and, at the same time, can be charged wirelessly. A combination that’s praised by users and experts alike. Examples include the business smartphone GS5 and the outdoor models GX4 and GX6. The new Wireless Fast Charger from Gigaset supports fast wireless charging and charges compatible smartphones in accordance with the Qi standard at up to 15 watts. Gigaset is extending its portfolio in the smartphone segment with the powerful device.

Long before the decision in favor of USB-C as the standard charging port for mobile devices was made in the summer of 2022, Gigaset was already exclusively installing USB-C ports in its smartphones. The company has additionally been relying on wireless charging for more than three years – and in newer models, even in combination with a replaceable battery.

“Basically, we build devices that want to be charged as seldom as possible,” says Linda Kirfel, Product Manager Mobile at Gigaset. “That’s why we have equipped our GX4 and GX6 models with batteries that are so strong that they can keep going for several days in normal use without charging. When charging is nevertheless then necessary, it should quick and convenient. And nothing is more convenient than wireless charging.”

The 14-millimeter-high Wireless Fast Charger charges compatible devices at up to 15 watts. Alongside Gigaset’s own GS5, GX4 and GX6 smartphones, they also include many devices from competitors such as Samsung, Nokia, Apple and Sony – as long as they function according to the widespread Qi standard. With up to 15 watts, the device charges two times as fast as devices with a charging power of just 7.5 watts.

Fast and secure
The LED display provides information about the charging status, and the soft touch interface prevents scratches or the smartphone from slipping off. During charging the devices are reliably protected by intelligent electronics: Overcurrent protection adjusts the charging current automatically, and overtemperature protection cuts out the power when the warning temperature is reached. 

The Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger is connected via the USB-C cable provided to an existing charging device with a charging power of 5, 12 or 15 volts. To conserve environmental resources, no additional USB power adapter is included. The device is now on sale at retailers and in the Gigaset online shop at the RRP of €39.99.

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