Reduced to the essentials: the new Gigaset DL580

The newest member of the life series is custom-made for the older generation

Especially large buttons, a bright and easy-to-read display, additional visual call signals and convenience functions such as the “extra loud” button – the large-button phones from Gigaset are designed entirely for the needs of older people. The Gigaset life series now has a powerful addition in the shape of the new DL580 model: It’s easy to use even when hearing and vision are impaired.

Corded phones are especially popular among the older generation. One reason why is that the devices don’t need to be charged like mobile phones, so they’re ready for use all the time. That’s a key argument as priorities shift in the day-to-day life of senior citizens – because some things are easily forgotten and mobile handsets don’t always find their way back in time to the charging station. As demographics change, so too do the requirements for phones. Gigaset has observed this trend for many years and has responded with a separate product line – the life series.

As easy as possible

The buttons on the new DL580 are extra large, non-slip and have a distinct pressure point. The clear panorama display with large font and clear graphics is easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. The integrated directory holds up to 99 numbers that are easy to retrieve. Especially important numbers – for family, friends or the doctor, for example – can be stored on four speed dial keys right below the display and dialed at the touch of the button. The first button is red and serves as the emergency call button. 

Loud and clear

To prevent any missed calls, the DL580 has a range of especially loud ringtones that are aided by a visual signal. When a call comes in, a wide LED strip lights up on the front of the device – this is especially helpful when the radio or TV is on. During calls, the handset volume can be doubled by pressing the “extra loud” button.

The new large-key phone from Gigaset is hearing-aid-compatible (HAC). This ensures that the sound quality with hearing aids is as good as always and without any disturbing noises. To avoid being bothered by unwanted calls, the DL580 also has features a practical blocked list – up to ten numbers can thus simply be muted.

The Gigaset DL580 will be available from mid-November 2018 at a price of €49.99 (MSRP) at retailers.

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