The landline – part of the family

Solid reception, excellent sound, low radiation and endurance

Communication options have multiplied through digitalization. E-mail, Messenger and the smartphone ensure permanent availability. But in more than 90 percent of households*, there is still another constant: the landline telephone. Gigaset has always made convenient telephones for the whole family. And in the process, products from the traditional German company have evolved with the times. The C-series phones are the perfect match for turbulent family life, for example. Take the cordless Gigaset C570 with practical convenience functions and an integrated baby monitor.

The family phone has long since given up its dial and no longer stands in the unheated hallway either. Today’s cordless family phones have clever features that meet the needs of every age group – from babies and children, to teenagers and adults in the household.

The Gigaset C-series phones, such as the Gigaset CL660A, have a great deal in common: first-rate voice quality, up to 26 hours of talk time, up to two weeks of standby time and the low-radiation Eco Mode Plus. In many ways, they outshine the mobile phone when making calls at home. But they can do even more.

From the little ones ...

If there are little kids at home, the call protection function allows time-controlled deactivation of the ringtone. Only previously defined numbers, such as grandma’s, are allowed to ring through during the afternoon nap or at bedtime. A direct button offers access to the baby monitor function – when a certain noise level is reached, the phone automatically dials a predefined number. That can be either another handset or a mobile phone number. The intercom function lets the child hear their parents’ voices right away.

... to teenagers ...

As the children get older and the need for privacy grows, the family phone can easily be expanded to include up to six handsets. With a talk time of around 14 hours, the Gigaset C430 permits almost endless calls. And with modern IP lines, your teenager can have their own number to go with their own phone. 

... to adults.

So even when the youngsters are holding their own this-can’t-wait marathon calls, the rest of the family can still be reached – whether it’s for work in the home office, a chat with friends or making arrangements with other parents.

The C-series models with answering machine, CL660A, C430A and C570A, indicate missed calls with an illuminated button that enables convenient playback of the messages. With the CL660A and C570A models, the phone and answering machine can be positioned separately to offer additional flexibility. All C-series models have a generous address book; the CL660, for instance, has space for up to 400 entries, each with three phone numbers, an e-mail address and reminder dates. That’s plenty of space for all the schoolmates, the entire circle of friends, the sports club and work contacts. 

With a large selection of devices to choose from, an attractive design, versatile functions and a range of price categories, Gigaset has phones for every family. With their expandability to up to six handsets and integration of new IP-based technologies such as Gigaset HX or Gigaset GO, families can invest in the future of their private communication with a clear conscience and thus create a shared point of contact for the whole family.

* 38.5 million landline phone lines for 41.3 million private households (2017).

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