The new Gigaset L470 handsfree clip - Convenient security at the touch of a button

Munich, June 12, 2017 - In April 2017, Gigaset presented the Gigaset E560A PLUS, a new telephony concept that enables private individuals to combine phone and SOS functionality with no extra subscription or service costs. The Gigaset E560A PLUS, comprising the Gigaset E560A premium large-button phone with an answering machine and the new Gigaset L470 clip, a further development of the L410 handsfree clip, combines convenient telephony with a compact and portable SOS function. The L470 clip is now also available separately and is recommended as an upgrade for phone models in the Gigaset E series with an SOS function.

With its Gigaset E560A PLUS bundle and the new Gigaset L470 clip, the company from Bocholt has combined telephony with smart care for the first time. The new products offer constant security, especially for elderly users, within their own four walls in a simple and convenient manner. 

The handy L470 clip, which is just 8 cm in size and 30 grams in weight, is hardly noticeable, yet embodies security “Made in Germany.” It can be combined with the Gigaset E500A, E550A and E560A cordless phones. Once it has been connected, a touch of a button is all that is needed to activate the SOS function. The Gigaset L470 clip’s additional SOS function is free for customers and can be used with no monthly charges.

Rapid help in an emergency
Apart from maximum freedom of movement, the L470 clip most importantly offers constant security. The built-in SOS function can be used to send an emergency call to family, friends or neighbors within seconds. Up to four internal or external numbers previously saved in the base station of the Gigaset E500, E550A or E560A are contacted successively. If one of the emergency numbers cannot be reached, the other numbers are contacted successively and automatically in a loop. This loop can be and is repeated by the cordless phone for up to five times until the call is answered. In addition, a customized SOS message (such as “This is an emergency call. I’m injured!”) can be played in the E500A, E550A or E560A. After that, the user can take over the call again by pressing the central key.

Small, but impressive
The Gigaset L470 clip enables complete freedom of movement and convenient telephony in one. When used with the Gigaset E500A, E550A or Gigaset E560A, callers not only have both hands free, but can also completely dispense with bothersome cables. Taking calls is child’s play and is assisted by an LED that visually alerts the user to them. The volume of the ringtone and incoming calls can be finely adjusted in five levels. It is also possible to differentiate between external and internal calls simply and directly by means of two different melodies.

The Gigaset L470 clip is simply attached to clothing, thus allowing users to enjoy full mobility over a large distance in their own home, 50 meters in buildings and up to 300 meters outdoors. A talk time of five hours and a standby time of 110 hours make it one of the most enduring phones there is. 

Quick and easy networking
Gigaset also ensures ideal user-friendliness with its tried-and-tested plug & play principle with the new Gigaset L470 clip. As with the convenience bundle Gigaset E560A PLUS, the L470 handsfree clip also quickly establishes a connection with the base station and is integrated like an additional handset.

Radiation-free thanks to ECO DECT
The innovative features don’t end with the hardware. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, the Gigaset L470 clip is also radiation-free while in standby – thanks to environmentally-friendly ECO DECT technology. Even if multiple handsets are operated, the clip remains in radiation-free standby mode, provided all the registered handsets support ECO DECT. When in use, the clip adjusts automatically to the distance of the handset from the base station. The shorter the distance to the base station, the lower the transmitting power. The Gigaset L470 clip thus ensures that the transmitting power is no higher than necessary. ECO DECT mode can be disabled at any time to ensure a maximum DECT range.

Great convenience and mobility within your own four walls
The Gigaset L470 clip is compatible with the Gigaset E500A, E550A and E560A models. It goes on sale in the Gigaset online shop from the end of June 2017 at the recommended retail price of €99.99. The security and convenience bundle Gigaset E560A PLUS, comprising the Gigaset E560A premium large-button phone and the L470 handsfree clip, can also be obtained from selected pharmacies and medical supply stores, as well as the Gigaset online shop.

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