The new Gigaset Smart Camera - Video surveillance in compact form

Munich, November 23, 2017: Surveillance cameras are being used increasingly to help solve crimes and instances of theft. As early as 2015, video recordings led to the perpetrator in a third of all arrests. In homes too, more and more people want to be able to inconspicuously check that everything is in order and be prepared for the worst if need be. The new Gigaset smart camera reflects this trend and in its new edition combines attractive design, compact dimensions, excellent connectivity and cutting-edge features.

Miniaturization and scalable software features
With the new Gigaset smart camera, the company is launching an especially compact and high-performance surveillance camera, which cannot fail to impress thanks to HD video transmission of 720p or 1080p in the new peer-to-peer mode, night vision capability and especially simple connection and startup via Bluetooth 4.1. At the same time, the company has opted for scalable software features, which will also be available successively for the new Gigaset smart camera, thus not only providing the latest security patches and updates on an ongoing basis but also exciting new software features. 

“Anyone buying the new Gigaset smart camera is not simply getting a static piece of hardware,” says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Gigaset AG. “Thanks to the planned software updates, we will continue to add further exciting features to the surveillance camera. At present we are considering using the camera as a sensor, for example, which can trigger its own alarm or generate a homecoming event.”

Flexible use – in isolation or in the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system
Surveillance cameras have long since been synonymous with security. As the saying goes, a picture says more than a thousand words, and a camera supplies unambiguous images in many situations. The new Gigaset smart camera meets this need for visual security and information, regardless of whether as a standalone camera or in the context of the richly featured and flexible Gigaset Smart Home alarm system. 

Regardless of the setup, the new camera ensures rapid transmission of information to users every time. The new motion detection allows a zone to be specified via app in which every movement is captured directly in a shot. Whether the household pet or a potential intruder, this motion sensor misses nothing.

Stylish and compact
The second generation Gigaset smart camera is positioned totally unobtrusively at the interface between the home and resident. Thanks to its simple and stylish design in white and its small proportions, the indoor camera is ideal for every household scenario. The camera measures just 52 x 52 millimeters, increasing to 70 x 52 millimeters when the base is added, and can be positioned flexibly anywhere in the home thanks to the convenient WLAN interface (WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz). The connection is likewise secured accordingly since the Gigaset smart camera with WPA, WPA2, TKIP and AES supports a whole host of secure connections. To ensure seamless use with other Gigaset Smart Home products, it can be managed and controlled by means of the Gigaset elements app like any other sensor and actuator in the Smart Home alarm system. All that’s needed is a free socket (230 volts), a WLAN router and the Gigaset elements app (from iOS 8 or Android 4.4 as well as Bluetooth 4.1) and the Gigaset smart camera is ready to go.

Fast and direct
An important new feature of the Gigaset smart camera is the real-time video transmission. Thanks to peer-to-peer direct transmission, images can be displayed directly in HD quality on the app with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels when the user is at home. The Gigaset smart camera can connect directly to the smartphone in this setup via the Gigaset cloud. This extends the potential applications beyond pure security scenarios. The Gigaset smart camera can thus transform into a BabyCam that allows you to check quickly via live-streaming images whether the baby is sleeping peacefully or the children are playing quietly. The new Gigaset smart camera also allows videos and images to be recorded. The streaming functionality of the camera is available free of charge for every customer. Further packages of varying scale can be added on optionally. Depending on the type of package added, recordings of unlimited length can be stored in the app for up to four weeks.

Direct and intelligent
Not only is security an important keyword when it comes to the Gigaset smart camera, but also privacy. Particularly when the home is occupied, the services of surveillance cameras remain mostly unused. The Gigaset smart camera can be switched to privacy mode, however, so that there is no sense of being permanently monitored. Once this mode is active, no further recordings or live streams are possible – for anyone. “We want our system to add to the sense of comfort and security,” continues Raphael Dörr. “The technology should support rather than constrain the user. The new Gigaset smart camera’s privacy mode plays its part here. It can be activated automatically, for example, when the user is at home.” 

Also powerful in the dark
Cutting-edge infrared technology allows a perfect vista in complete darkness at a visual range of up to 8 meters. Especially in the autumn or winter months, when it gets dark early, the camera continues to deliver top performance. Thanks to the intelligent night vision function, which can switch independently between daylight and infrared conditions, the camera can adapt to all lighting conditions at all times.

The Gigaset ecosystem
The second generation Gigaset smart camera can be integrated effortlessly into the full Gigaset Smart Home alarm system with no need for screws or drilling. As with all other sensors and actuators, all the Gigaset smart camera’s information can be sent directly to the Gigaset cloud and the user’s smartphone app. 

Measuring just 70 x 52 millimeters and weighing 96 grams, the Gigaset smart camera is ideal for any home. The Gigaset smart camera is available from the Gigaset online shop and specialty retailers at a recommended retail price of €159.99 from end of November 2017.

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