The Phone as a Protective Roommate: Gigaset EASY CARE 600A

Bocholt, October 17th, 2023 - A senior-friendly cordless phone with answering machine, separate emergency button, and motion sensor - Gigaset introduces the EASY CARE 600A, a landline phone enhanced with smart features that promote safety. Especially for seniors living alone, it provides a quick means to call for help when needed. Should they be incapacitated, or for example, their usual morning activity is missing, the phone can proactively reach out to concerned relatives. The Gigaset EASY CARE 600A requires neither an internet connection nor cloud integration.

"Millions of elderly people in Germany live alone, and the number continues to rise," says Manfred Heuermann, Senior Product Manager at Gigaset. "They are active and want to remain independent in their familiar environment for as long as possible, but also desire quick onsite assistance in emergencies. This reflects the concerns of adult children looking for solutions and the right balance for their parents. Conversations with our customers reveal that those aged between 65 and 75 often perceive traditional home emergency services as stigmatizing and are unwilling to bear the acquisition costs or monthly fees, especially if no level of care has been determined. We say: In most cases, it's not even necessary. We can and must do something."

EASY CARE 600A: Daily Security
Gigaset sought a solution and invented an entirely new product category with the EASY CARE 600A. This cordless landline phone comes with a flexibly placeable emergency button. Pressing it triggers calls to up to four predefined emergency contacts – be it a neighbor, one's child, or friends – until a connection is made. The called parties can use the phone's speakerphone to check in on the resident. "So-called wearables, devices worn on the body like emergency transmitters, are inconvenient for many seniors," says Lukas Brink, Product Manager for Smart Home at Gigaset. "The emergency button can be placed anywhere convenient – in the kitchen, balcony, bedside, or bathroom. It can be activated with the palm and doesn't require nightly charging. It offers reassurance during sudden dizziness, circulatory problems, or nausea." Distress calls can also be triggered by a red SOS button on the handset.

Falls within one's home are among the most common accidents for those over 65. If they can't press the emergency button, the accompanying motion sensor of the EASY CARE 600A can be a significant aid. If there's no activity during one of the two preset windows, the device starts its alert calls as if the emergency button was pressed. Placed in the hallway, for instance, it detects if the resident moves from the living room to the kitchen in the morning or exits their bedroom to head to the bathroom across the hall. If such activities aren't detected, the phone can initiate a call to a concerned relative.

An Invisible Safety Net
"Society is steadily aging," Lukas Brink observes. "If a parent lives alone, often the children bear the responsibility to check in and offer support – which isn't always easy to juggle with their own families, jobs, and leisure activities. We wanted a solution that ensures a more carefree life for everyone: seniors enjoy their independence without feeling abandoned. Their relatives know they can be easily reached if needed." The Gigaset EASY CARE 600A operates without internet or cloud connection. Installation is straightforward, no data is transmitted, and there are no ongoing costs. The device uses the well-established cordless landline phone technology, with sensors also connected via DECT. Using "Ultra Low Energy" (ULE), they run for years on batteries and can be flexibly placed or even stuck on surfaces.

Direct Dial for Emergencies
With the Gigaset EASY CARE 600A, relatives or other selected individuals can be designated as particularly trustworthy. They can connect directly during a call, even if the resident can't answer. The phone automatically switches to speakerphone mode, allowing for distant conversations. "This function is useful, for example, if an elderly mother has fallen, pressed the emergency button, and reached her son," Lukas Brink explains. "If they've agreed that he should call an ambulance, he can dial back, use the preset PIN to connect automatically, and use the speakerphone." The safety call requires double authentication and is reserved for those previously set up in the EASY CARE 600A as approved callers for emergency direct dial who know the specific PIN.

Thoughtful Features for More Comfort
The feeling of security at home is also a priority in the phone functions. Before answering, the device signals trusted calls by announcing the caller's number and name and by lighting a green display for saved contacts. Speaking buttons prevent mis-dials by, for instance, audibly confirming each pressed number, providing tactile feedback with every keystroke. The Jumbo Mode offers those with visual impairments larger fonts during dialing and in the phone book for better clarity and readability. Tried-and-true features, like a phone book for up to 200 entries and a 30-minute answering machine, complete the package.

Availability and Prices
The Gigaset EASY CARE 600A, with the Gigaset Button emergency button and Gigaset Motion motion detector, retails at €199.99 (MSRP). The system can be expanded with up to six additional sensors, with any combination of Gigaset Button and Gigaset Motion. The bundle is available online and in the Gigaset web store from October 17, 2023. From spring, it will also be available in brick-and-mortar stores.

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