Two become one! Gigaset smart home alarm system presents new “universal” sensor

Munich, July 17, 2017 - Gigaset is presenting the “universal” sensor for windows and doors for its smart home alarm system. It comprises the functions of the “door” and “window” sensors and now also offers full support for sliding doors, as well as sliding and roof windows, which was not previously possible. The sensor will also have a pre-alert function when a software update is supplied at the end of the year. “universal” thus gives users not only greater flexibility as regards use, but also a much wider functional scope.

Doors and windows are trouble spots when it comes to protecting apartments and houses, and it's mainly through these that burglars break in. To date, Gigaset’s smart home alarm system has protected these weak points with two separate sensors. “door” and “window” reliably reported whether doors were closed or windows were shut or tilted.

The new “universal” sensor offers all the features of “door” and “window”, as well as extending the functionality to include sliding doors/windows and roof windows. “The new sensor is a logical development in our system,” says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset AG. “While ‘door’ and ‘window’ excluded certain doors and windows, the new sensor can now cater for just about all scenarios in the home – even garage doors.”

Notification even before a break-in – pre-alert

One highlight of the new sensor is its pre-alert function. It detects attempts to break open a door – from vibrations or when someone drills open a lock – and reports them directly to the user’s app. At the same time, the local alarm in the sensor is triggered and activates any other alarm sirens in the system. That offers an effective deterrent and maximum protection of the home. The feature will be activated for the user through a software update which is expected to be supplied in the 4th quarter of 2017.

Greater flexibility for the user

The Gigaset smart home alarm system is distinguished in particular by its versatility. Thanks to its modular design, the system can be expanded and adapted. It grows in line with needs. Nevertheless, the separation between “door” and “window” was a logical one. Users previously had to decide between a window or a door sensor. 

They no longer need to make that decision with the new sensor. It can be used as a window sensor and later as a door or garage sensor in a different scenario. 

Living up to its name

Whether a sliding door, roof window or dog flap – “universal” monitors all windows and doors. Roof windows in maisonettes can now be protected. “Universal” alerts users not only of attempted break-ins, but also reminds them if a window is tilted so that water damage can be avoided. Balcony and patio doors are not seldom sliding doors. They can now also be monitored with ease thanks to the new functionality.

Compact and smart

The new “universal” sensor is quick and easy to integrate into all Gigaset smart home alarm systems – no screws or drilling required. The integrated siren is triggered by cautious and targeted break-in attempts, and also when direct and sudden force is applied, and alerts the user. As with all other sensors, all the sensor’s information is forwarded directly to the Gigaset cloud and the user’s smartphone app.

“universal” weighs 49 grams (with the CR123A lithium battery). Its dimensions are 55 x 55 x 27 mm. The sensor is available from the Gigaset online shop and specialty retailers at a recommended retail price of €69,99 from mid-July.

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