• Annual Financial Report 2016: good figures confirmed

    * Rigorous implementation of the operational realignment paying off

    * Consolidated revenue of €281.9 million in what continues to be a challenging market environment

    * Cost cuts are making an impact: The result from core business before depreciation and amortization increased by 136% to €25.0 million

    * Positive free cash flow (€7.2 million) for the first time since 2011

    * Positive outlook for 2017

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  • Gigaset E560A PLUS – Telephone convenience package with SOS function

    Many elderly people feel it important to keep on leading an autonomous, self-determined life as they grow older. That means technical innovations in telecommunications also need to address these needs. Gigaset has intensively tackled the issues of ergonomics, convenience and security for years, as proven by its large-button phones available on the market. The company has now gone a step further in order to give the elderly in particular and their families more security: The new convenience...

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