If you’re looking for flexibility, look no further. Our phones are designed for compatibility, so you can mix and match handsets, base sets and accessories to suit your needs. No matter which Gigaset phone you buy, it’s guaranteed to work with almost all other Gigaset products. It’s easy to expand your home calling network, many of our handsets work straight out of the box, and will automatically recognise compatible base stations.

You also have choice when it comes to headsets and handsfree options, to keep you talking while you move around the house, with the majority of Gigaset base stations supporting these accessories.

And, just because you have multiple handsets and accessories, doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice any functionality. For example, if you have an answering machine built into your base station, a compatible handset of a different model will allow you to retrieve your messages.We incorporate open standards into our cordless communications, so that our phones are compatible with other brands as well.

Gigaset phones – compatible with progress

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First select the base station and then the desired handset.