Feeling safe at home: These four Smart Home will help you

The issue of security plays a major role within your own four walls. Your home is a protected space for the whole family, which is why the fear of burglary or fire is all the greater. New technologies such as Smart Home offer a range of options to make your own home even safer and to protect it from unwanted guests or fire. What’s special: All devices can be controlled simply and easily from your smartphone. We reveal which components provide the greatest level of protection.

Step 1: Monitor exterior doors and windows with motion sensors

In a first step towards a safe home, you can attach sensors such as motion detectors to windows, doors and fit them in rooms. If the device detects a movement within a certain radius, it reports this directly to your smartphone via an app. This means that intruders stand no chance of going unnoticed in your home. The small components can be expanded as you like, depending on the size of your house or apartment.

Step 2: Deter potential intruders with an alarm siren

An alarm siren complements the sensors perfectly and can be connected to the other sensors. As soon as a sensor detects an unknown movement, the alarm siren is triggered automatically. This loud noise startles unwelcome guests away, preventing a break-in even from happening. The alarm siren can be operated manually or from your smartphone.

Step 3: Keep your home in view with a camera

Additional cameras complete your security package for house and home. You can see directly who or what is currently moving around in your home. This can be useful if you are on vacation for an extended period of time. The security camera sends the video transmission to your smartphone in real time. The camera is reliable at monitoring the area, even in the dark.

Step 4: Early warning with a smoke detector

A smoke detector in the house works in much the same way as an early warning system. This means that the alarm is triggered even in the event of a small fire emitting little smoke, such as an overturned candle. The detector alerts you with a loud beep. The smoke detector can also connect to your smartphone via an app so that you will also be notified if you are not at home.

You can easily fit and install all of the devices mentioned as well as a comprehensive alarm system yourself. Do you need assistance or have any questions about our products? Not a problem. Gigaset works in conjunction with an installation service and is happy to assist you.


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