Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 – the electronic door lock for the home

With the Gigaset Smart Doorbell, you can answer the door for your visitors, even if you aren’t home. You can see who’s at your door using the app and can also speak to the visitor. By integrating a smart door lock from Nuki, you can even open the door for your visitors – from anywhere and any time. The Nuki Smart Lock is installed on the inside of the door on the existing lock and is ready to use within three minutes, without any screws or drilling whatsoever. You can easily connect your new lock in the Gigaset elements app and profit from the advantages of combining the applications.

Smart, simple and secure – the door lock from Nuki

The electronic door lock automatically unlocks the door when you come home and securely locks up again when you leave. You can allocate digital access authorisation to friends, family and service providers via the app. Nuki is compatible with all common European cylinders.

Welcome guests any time

Have you invited friends over and are running late? A good host doesn’t leave their guests waiting. Not a problem with the reliable Smart Doorbell from Gigaset. If your guests ring the doorbell, you can easily speak to them on your smartphone and already open the front door and let them in using the smart door lock.

Never miss a parcel delivery again

If you aren’t at home or are currently tied up with something else, you can count on the combination of the Gigaset Smart Doorbell with the Nuki door lock. Simply speak to the delivery person on your smartphone and subsequently let them into your house, saving you long trips to collect your parcels as well as valuable time.

This is how you integrate your Nuki door lock into your Gigaset Smart Home solution


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