Four packages offer the perfect solution for everyone.

Each person's needs are different, which is why the sensor-based smart care elderly assistance system is available in four packages. In addition to the various sensors, all packages include the base station and the smart care app. The base station is connected to the LAN and connects the wireless smart care sensors to the smart care app and the cloud service. The easy-to-use app is your control centre. Find out more about the different packages now.

The right level of support to suit your individual needs.

How much does it cost?

A worthwhile investment

Find out more about the monthly charges for the smart care service and the app.

smart care App

Everything you need to know in an instant

The app is your way of managing the smart care system. Discover what it can do.


  • Your personal data is safe with us

    Data protection is our top priority. Gigaset understands how important it is to keep your personal data confidential.


  • Ein Zeichen, das alles sagt

    Das Gigaset smart care Senioren-Assistenzsystem wurde mit dem Deutschen Seniorenlotsen ausgezeichnet.


  • Comfortable and secure senior phones

    The phones of the Gigaset life series impresses with its functional technology, high-quality design and easy to use – perfect companions even in old age.