Gigaset surveillance cameras for more security in your home

See your home from a new perspective: keep an eye on your house or flat at all times with Gigaset cameras, even if you are not at home. The cameras add security in your living and entrance area, on your property or in your garden or garage. What makes them special is that the surveillance cameras are easy to operate using a smartphone, keeping you in the picture wherever you might be. The cameras are perfectly combinable with other Gigaset Smart Home products such as the alarm systems. Even when used individually, the Gigaset smart camera and Gigaset outdoor camera tick all the boxes – you won’t miss a thing with these cameras!

Everything in sight at all times

See it all! The time when CCTV was only used by banks, authorities and train stations is thankfully in the past. Now there are surveillance cameras everywhere thanks to technological advancements, affordable prices and user-friendliness. And as the cameras can be made to meet individual needs, you never lose sight of anything. That is a good feeling.

Number crunching: useful information about break-ins

No one wants to come home to find the windows or doors open and the interior of the house ravaged. Break-ins are horrible and not just from a material perspective. This is one reason why more and more private households are investing in security. But is it worth purchasing cameras? It might help to look at the statistics:

  1. In Germany, a burglar breaks into a house or flat every three minutes.1
  2. In 2019, 87,145 break-ins at flats and houses were reported in Germany.2 The numbers are falling and increased security measures are one factor.
  3. Just 17.4 per cent of cases reported to the police were solved.3 Offenders are much easier to convict with video recordings.
  4. On average, a break-in causes €2,850 of damage.4
  5. Almost half of all attempted break-ins are aborted without success.5 Thieves often retreat from highly secure properties in particular.

Always in use and well connected: Gigaset surveillance cameras

Do you feel at home? For many people, their personal environment, house or flat is a safe haven and place of tranquillity rolled into one. This makes it all the more important to feel safe and secure there. Gigaset surveillance cameras are inconspicuous and compact but perform a valuable service in an emergency. Not only have they proven effective at preventing break-ins, but they have also become indispensable helpers on a daily basis.

The cameras can also be used to supervise children as they continue watching even when you yourself are not in the children’s room or if you are outside in the garden. With indoor and outdoor cameras from Gigaset, you can even keep an eye on what your pets are up to. And if the weather turns nasty, you can monitor the location by camera and organise help if necessary. Never lose track even if you are not home: the Gigaset outdoor camera and Gigaset smart camera can link to your smartphone to keep you up to date at all times!

From outdoors: the Gigaset outdoor camera

A stylishly simple thing of beauty with an inescapable gaze, the Gigaset outdoor camera monitors your front door, driveway, garden or garage. It defies wind and bad weather and keeps an eye open even if you are at home or on the go. This outdoor camera reacts to every movement. If, for example, it is connected to a Gigaset Smart Home solution which detects a suspected break-in, the surveillance camera will record a video immediately. So does it make you feel more comfortable and at ease? Presumably yes. Can we recommend it to you? Certainly!

  • The camera is weatherproof and perfectly equipped for outdoor operation where it records images in HD quality, so you won’t miss out on a single detail!
  • With real-time video, you have everything under control. And thanks to infrared night vision, this outdoor camera can operate round the clock.
  • You receive email or push notifications on your smartphone. The camera connects by Wi-Fi but is also compatible with an Ethernet cable.

Curious? The outdoor camera can be used for a wide range of applications and can be operated with four different camera packages.

To indoors: the Gigaset smart camera

Although slightly lighter and smaller than the Gigaset outdoor camera, when it comes to functionality and reliability there is no difference. The Gigaset smart camera makes sure everything in your home is in order, in the hall or living room, in the children’s bedroom or in the kitchen. This indoor camera is as inconspicuous as it is flexible and can be used individually or in combination with a Gigaset alarm system. Be it your pet or an intruder, nothing gets past the motion sensor. We want you to feel safe in your own four walls!

  • This camera also records images in HD quality and can adapt to the level of ambient lighting with ease. And with infrared technology, you’ll have a perfect view at night as well.
  • The camera connects wirelessly by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and notifies you with real-time video broadcast straight to your smartphone.
  • The camera can also be used as a baby monitor. It can be set to privacy mode at any time. When this mode is active, the camera cannot record.

This indoor camera can be used for a range of purposes and is compatible with other Gigaset Smart Home products.

Integration and installation: set up your Gigaset cameras

Play it safe with surveillance cameras from Gigaset. Even installation is sure to go without a hitch as it takes only a few steps to mount the cameras and set them up for use. First of all, decide where you would like to install your surveillance cameras. Select a location and make sure that a power supply is available. The Gigaset smart camera is small and inconspicuous so you can mount it on the wall or position it anywhere in your home with the supplied base.

It is best to mount the Gigaset outdoor camera at a height of at least 2.5 metres on one of the walls of your home with a view of your property. Check whether a power supply is nearby and whether the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to reach this point. To install the outdoor camera, drill a hole in the wall and feed the power cable through it into your house. You can use the free Gigaset elements app to configure all other settings and even connect the camera to other Gigaset Smart Home products.

Be on the safe side: the legal requirements

Surveillance cameras have become part of our everyday lives; they can be used for many different purposes and provide security. The legal regulations in your country must also be taken into consideration when you install the camera. For instance, in Germany you are not allowed to film your neighbours or their property. You are also not allowed to point cameras at passing cars. As Gigaset cameras have excellent motion sensors, please point them at areas where there is less movement. Additionally, in order to protect privacy rights, it is advisable to give notice of the surveillance – perhaps with stickers or signs. This way, you are on the safe side.

Check, check: the advantages of Gigaset cameras at a glance

  • Gigaset cameras protect your home; they scare intruders away and provide more security indoors and outdoors.
  • The cameras send valuable notifications in the event of a break-in. Crimes are easier to trace and the recordings can help the investigation.
  • The modern HD quality makes even minute details crystal clear and infrared provides clear night vision for up to 15 metres.
  • The camera images are sent to your smartphone as real-time video so you can keep an eye on everything even when on the move.
  • The cameras can be used for numerous purposes besides break-in prevention. They can be used as baby monitors, for weather observation or pet supervision.
  • Gigaset cameras can be used individually or in combination with a Gigaset alarm system. The range features a variety of camera packages.

More information about the cameras

  • The smart entrance door package with security camera.
    With the Gigaset Homecoming Pack Plus, you always know when someone comes home. With the Gigaset Motion Sensor combined with the Universal Sensor for doors and windows, you receive a push notification when someone enters your home. The indoor camera lets you see inside your home at any time.

    Detects when someone comes home
    Detects the status of the door (open or closed)
    The indoor camera monitors your entrance area
    The door and window sensor sounds an alarm if it detects forced opening
    Switch modes (home/away) easily with the app
    Package contains: 1 base station, 1 universal door and window sensor, 1 motion sensor, 1 Camera 2.0

    + App + free cloud service
    Out of stock
  • Indoor surveillance camera for outstanding image and sound quality.
    The Gigaset camera 2.0 watches over your home round the clock. It is discreet, small and can even be used in darkness. It can be combined with all Gigaset Smart Home products.

    Encrypted real-time video in full HD
    Infra-red night vision up to 6 metres
    The camera can record sound with the built-in microphone
    Communication with two-way audio (walkie-talkie feature)
    Peer-to-peer data transfer for automatic connection to your smartphone
    Motion detection with push or e-mail notifications
    Supports privacy mode
    Reacts to alarms and family coming home
    Various camera packages available
    Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions
    Out of stock
  • For your entrance area, garden or garage – giving you peace of mind.
    The Gigaset outdoor camera monitors the exterior of your home and can be used as a standalone solution or in combination with a Gigaset alarm system.

    Built-in motion detection
    Real-time video in full HD
    Weatherproof (IP66)
    Infra-red night vision up to 15 metres
    Wireless Wi-Fi connection
    Peer-to-peer data transfer for automatic connection to your smartphone
    Easy to mount on your house wall
    Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions
    Four different camera packages available
    Out of stock
  • Surveillance cameras for indoors and outdoors

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5 According to the Einbruch-Report 2018 (Burglary Report 2018) published by the German Insurance Association (GDV)