Always have certainty - with the smart care app.

The smart care app connects you to your elderly family members: Is your dad getting enough fresh air? Did your granny leave the house last night? The smart care app gives you instant peace of mind. The app is your connection to your loved ones — your control centre for the smart care system.

Installation is simple:

Download the smart care app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. The app will guide you through the entire installation process step by step, and the sensors and motion detectors are then ready for use.

Easily set individual daily routines

The app allows you to customise the system: For example, define routines by entering the number of meals or how often the person goes outside. Or set the day and night cycle to monitor whether your relative gets up at their usual time in the morning. You can also use the app to check that your loved ones are OK. What's more, you'll receive push notifications or a telephone call in the event of an emergency.

What does the smart care app look like?

  • The app instantly shows you how your loved ones are doing at home.

  • You'll receive a notification for any irregularities in their daily routine.

  • An alarm is immediately triggered if the sensors detect something unusual or if the alarm button is pressed.

  • Get an ideal overview from daily reports in the history section.

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  • Your personal data is safe with us

    Data protection is our top priority. Gigaset understands how important it is to keep your personal data confidential.


  • Ein Zeichen, das alles sagt

    Das Gigaset smart care Senioren-Assistenzsystem wurde mit dem Deutschen Seniorenlotsen ausgezeichnet.


  • Comfortable and secure senior phones

    The phones of the Gigaset life series impresses with its functional technology, high-quality design and easy to use – perfect companions even in old age.