Intelligent heating control – what you should know about the functionality, installation and compatibility of smart radiator thermostats.

Whether it’s mornings in the bathroom, when snuggled up for a film evening, or at night while you’re sleeping – the right room temperature gives you the feel-good factor you need in every situation. Smart heating control optimises your heating performance and gives you more comfort and energy efficiency for little effort. This makes constantly adjusting your radiators a thing of the past.

What is smart heating control?

With a smart thermostat, you can keep your house or rented apartment warm only when you need it to be. You can programme scheduled heating settings and control your radiators spontaneously via the accompanying app. In addition, you can connect your smart heating with other Smart Home devices such as window and door sensors. The greatest benefit of using intelligent heating control is financial: by optimising your heating, you save on energy, reduce your bills and also spare the environment.

Linking devices in a smart heating control

How does a thermostat work?

Everyone has probably seen a conventional thermostat before. If you want heat in winter, you turn the knob up as high as possible and the radiator begin to emit heat. But how exactly is the heating controlled via the thermostat? 

1. By turning the thermostat dial, you set the desired temperature. Level 3 generally represents a temperature of 20°C.
2. The thermostat’s head contains a liquid that reacts to the temperature of the room. When the room temperature rises, the fluid expands and presses on the valve pin.
3. The valve pin opens and closes the radiator valve. It is controlled by the fluid and closes the valve to the radiator once the desired temperature has been reached.
4. If the valve is closed, hot water stops flowing through the radiator. When the room turns colder, the volume of the fluid reduces, the valve pin opens the radiator valve, and hot water can flow once more.

Simplified sketch of a thermostatic valve

What types of thermostat are there?


Manually adjustable thermostats

A particularly common type – its main benefits are that it is cheap to purchase and easy to use and install. However, it does not allow you to link your desired temperatures to a timer, something that becomes a drawback in certain situations.

Manually adjustable thermostats

Electric radio thermostats

These thermostats measure the temperature in the room and then often control several radiator valves at once via an electric signal. The main advantage here is that entire rooms can be intelligently controlled. Many devices even feature pre-programmed settings that allow the user to save on their heating bills. However, radiators cannot be controlled individually with this kind of thermostat. The expense of these thermostats is also a drawback.

Electric radio thermostats

Digitally programmable thermostats

This kind of thermostat is installed directly on the radiator and is able to communicate digitally. These thermostats allow the heating controls to be optimally adjusted to the user’s daily routines – this provides greater comfort while reducing costs. The benefits of these models are that they are easy to install on compatible radiators and that they provide smart control. Individual desired temperatures can be explicitly set for each radiator independently, and many devices can even be remote-controlled via an app. One disadvantage is the relatively high purchasing cost, though this is made up for in the long run through the money saved on heating bills.

Digitally programmable thermostats

Where should thermostats be installed?

To ensure that a thermostat can provide the desired temperature within the room, it has to constantly monitor it. The thermostat’s location is therefore important for an accurate reading of the room temperature.

You should avoid these five locations:

1. Behind drapes or curtains
2. In radiator recesses
3. Behind furniture and other interior furnishings
4. Directly beneath window sills
5. Draughty areas

  • The smart heating package.
    This entry-level package contains all of the components you need to start your smart heating system. Save heating costs and enjoy user-friendly control over your radiators any time and anywhere with the free app. The base station is the heart of your heating solution and links the individual thermostats with the app.

    Regulates heating temperature
    Saves energy and lowers costs
    Controlled remotely by the app
    Easy to install
    Even smarter management in combination with the Gigaset window
    Package contains: 1 base station, 2 radiator thermostats

    + app + free cloud service
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  • The window sensor reliably notifies you when the window is opened.
    Don't let your windows unattended. With this enhancement to your Gigaset Smart Home Solution, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on with your window, your terrace door or your balcony door. The window sensor reliably informs you whenever your window, terrace door or balcony door has been tilted or opened. This way you’ll always know whether everything is okay at home even when you are out and about.

    Enhancement of the Gigaset Smart Home solution
    Recognizes the current status of your window, terrace door or balcony door (open, tilted, closed)
    Immediately informs you if your window, terrace door or balcony door has been opened
    Wireless installation without drilling (plug & play)
    Battery operated (battery life approx. 1-2 years, depending on usage)
    Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions

    + app + free cloud service
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Smart heating with the Gigaset thermostat

Enjoy your desired temperature wherever and whenever you want

When the alarm goes off in the morning, it’s a lot easier to get up when you know the bathroom will be warm. With the Gigaset thermostat, you can set your personal feel-good temperature individually via a timer for each weekday and each radiator. And after a hard day’s work, you can already adjust the room temperature on your way home – on the go and with total convenience via the app. With the Gigaset thermostat, you can always enjoy just the right room temperature for your personal needs.

Enjoy your desired temperature wherever and whenever you want

Save money and energy through optimal heating

Smart technology allows you to intelligently save on energy. If you are away from home during the day, your heating stays off too. And then as soon as you finish work, the Gigaset thermostat punctually heats your rooms to the desired temperatures once more. If you open your windows in the morning for a quick airing, the thermostat automatically down-regulates your radiators. When used in combination with the Gigaset elements window, the thermostat even identifies tilted windows and adjusts the heating temperature accordingly. This way, you only heat when you really need to – it’s optimal for the environment and your wallet. 

You will considerably reduce your heating bills after just one winter. Turn down your heating temperature at night and during the day when you’re not at home. Depending on the building, it is generally possible to reduce your heating bills by 20%. In an older building or a top-floor apartment, you will fundamentally save more than in a new-build.

To illustrate, here is an example of a cost calculation:
As a rule of thumb, we spend 1 € in heating costs per square metre. For a 100m² apartment, this results in a heating bill of €100 per month. A saving of 20% means that you save €20 a month and €240 a year. Five thermostats will therefore already pay for themselves within a year.

Save money and energy through optimal heating

An intelligent home: Gigaset thermostat as an expansion of your alarm system

You’re at work and receive an alert from your Gigaset elements app: via the indoor camera, you can see that your daughter has come home early from school today. Thanks to the Gigaset thermostat, you can adjust the room temperature in just a few steps to make your home comfortably warm. Intelligent control over your home gives you greater security and comfort within your own four walls. Connect up additional elements of the Gigaset alarm system and benefit from the added advantages of the Smart Home sensors. The Gigaset elements app for controlling your Smart Home devices is available to download for free from the App Store or Play Store.

Gigaset thermostat

The Gigaset thermostat – your benefits at a glance

  • Adjusts the heating temperature according to your wishes
  • Saves energy and money
  • Can be controlled from anywhere at any time via an app
  • Easy to install in just a few steps
  • Can be combined with other Gigaset Smart Home sensors
  • Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions

    How it’s done: easy installation in a few short steps

    Installing smart heating and saving energy with the Gigaset thermostat is quick and easy. Start by removing the panel from the thermostat, inserting the batteries included in the delivery, and replacing the panel. You will see “JIN” on the display. Now register the thermostat with your installed Gigaset base station. You will first have to establish a connection between the devices before installing the radiator element. Please ensure that the thermostat is positioned no further than 1 metre from the base station when pairing the devices. Now you can start to install the thermostat in the app.

    Easy installation

    How to set up your Gigaset thermostat in the app

    • Step 1: elements selection list

      Step 1: elements selection list
      First, go to the selection list in the elements app and click on “elements”

    • Step 2: Add new sensor

      Step 2: Add new sensor
      You can now add more sensors. Click on the “+” symbol in the bottom right of your display.

    • Step 3: Select thermostat

      Step 3: Select thermostat
      You can now select the thermostat in the selection list.

    • Step 4:  Add batteries

      Step 4:  Add batteries
      Add the batteries supplied in the box and wait until “JIN” appears on the display.

    • Step 5: Connect to the base station

      Step 5: Connect to the base station
      Press the base button on the base station until the boost button on the thermostat flashes green. Then press the boost button.

    • Step 6:  Select room

      Step 6:  Select room
      Select the room where the thermostat will be installed.

    • Step 7: Add name

      Step 7: Add name
      Enter a suitable name.

    • Step 8: Install thermostat

      Step 8: Install thermostat
      Unscrew the old thermostat and screw the Gigaset thermostat onto the radiator. Press the boost button to confirm this.

    • Step 9: Installation successful

      Step 9: Installation successful
      You have successfully added your thermostat.

    Download Gigaset elements app



    Is my radiator compatible with the Gigaset thermostat?

    To use the Gigaset thermostat, your radiators must have a removable thermostat is required. Simply remove the existing thermostat and replace it with the smart thermostat. Compatible manufacturers include Danfoss (with the accompanying adapters), Heimeier, Junkers, Oventrop, Rossweiner, Honeywell and Braukmann.

    • The perfect security solution for single family homes and ground floor apartments.
      With a door sensor and a motion sensor coupled with two window sensors, your home can feel safe and secure. You will be informed as soon as something is opened or someone moves in the room.
      alarm system M

      1 base station base
      1 door sensor door (universal)
      1 motion sensor motion
      2 window sensors window (universal)
      1 siren siren

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    • The perfect security solution for smaller apartments on upper floors.
      Break-ins in apartments situated on the upper floors usually take place through the entrance area. Protect your home with a door and motion sensor. It immediately registers if someone opens the door or moves in the room. A siren sounds if a break-in is suspected.
      alarm system S

      1 base station base
      1 door sensor door (universal)
      1 motion sensor motion
      1 siren siren

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    • Optimal security against suspected break-ins
      Protect your entrance area with a door sensor. It detects the door opening immediately. The system sounds a siren if it suspects an intruder.

      Monitors the entrance area for uninvited guests
      The door sensor sounds an alarm if it suspects an intruder
      The siren in the plug produces a loud, dissuasive alarm (85 dB)
      Switch modes (home/away) easily with the app
      Package contains: 1 base station, 1 door sensor, 1 siren

      + app + free cloud service
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    • Smart remote light control with the app
      With the smart plug, you can turn any electrical appliance from your lamp to your TV on and off via the app when you are not at home. This makes it appear as if you are actually at home.

      The smart plug can be controlled from the app
      Electrical devices (e.g. lamps) can be controlled even in your absence
      Set rules and a timer in the app
      Manual switching on and off
      Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
      Compatible with the sensors from Gigaset elements

      + App + free cloud service
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    • The smart entrance door package.
      With the Gigaset homecoming pack, you always know when someone comes home. With the motion sensor combined with the universal door and window sensor, you receive a push notification when someone enters your home.

      Detects when someone comes home
      Detects the status of the door (open or closed)
      The door and window sensor sounds an alarm if it detects forced opening
      Switch modes (home/away) easily with the app
      Package contains: 1 base station, 1 universal door and window sensor, 1 motion sensor

      + App + kostenloser Cloud Service
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    • The tiny bluetooth® device that keeps track of all your valuable items.
      Quickly finds your valuable items
      Bluetooth® 4.0 beacon with sound signal and LED light
      Easy installation with the free keeper App
      Availble in two colours: black and white
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    • The tiny bluetooth® device that keeps track of all your valuable items.
      Quickly finds your valuable items
      Bluetooth® 4.0 beacon with sound signal and LED light
      Easy installation with the free keeper App
      Availble in two colours: black and white
      Out of stock


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