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Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX

In a time of constant digital advancements, Gigaset has reinvented the landline phone: The Gigaset smart speaker combines DECT telephony with cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa.

Gigaset smart speaker - a true all-rounder

This is communication without limits. Combined with any DECT-enabled router or a DECT base station and Alexa, the smart speaker can be used for all calls - whether it's via landline, mobile network, internally at home or between Alexa-enabled devices. And that's not all: Additional functions such as easy music streaming, organisation tools or controlling smart home systems help make your day-to-day life easier.

Make phone calls

Now even more convenient with the Gigaset smart speaker: Regardless of which room you are currently in or what else you happen to be doing, you can call your loved ones easily using voice commands: "Alexa, call Grandma". The smart speaker establishes a telephone connection straight away and, thanks to the powerful speaker and wide-band voice transmission, it sounds as though you're both in the same room.

Initiate a call with a phone number

No messing with long numbers: When calling by voice command simply say: "Alexa, call 0171 123 456". After Alexa has repeated the phone number, confirm with "Yes". The Gigaset Smart Speaker will now initiate the call via the connected telephone base.

Incoming calls

When you are called, the light ring on your smart speaker flashes green and Alexa announces the call. By voice command "Alexa, answer call" or "Alexa, take off", answer the call. And if you do not like it right now: with "Alexa, reject" you stay undisturbed.

Initiate a call with a name

With "Alexa, call Marie" contact persons from your phone book directly. If there are contacts with the same name, Alexa asks which contact you would like to call. For entries with several assigned phone numbers, the mobile number is automatically dialed. For another phone number, call "Alexa, call Marie privately" or "Alexa, call Marie on business". First, sync your contact list with the Alexa app to use this service.

End conversation

Even when hanging up, you have your hands free. With the voice command "Alexa, hang up" or "Alexa, end call" you end the call quite comfortably.

Call internally

Sophisticated microphone technology and echo cancellation ensure that the Gigaset Smart Speaker is easy to understand even when talking to a large group - from family conferences to business calls in smaller offices. If the call was accepted with a handset, it can be handed over to the Gigaset Smart Speaker. If other handsets that are connected to the same DECT base are also assigned a contact name, internal calls to other rooms are also possible by acclamation - for example: "Alexa, call the study". 

Listen to music

Whether it's your favourite song, radio station or a thrilling audiobook, the Gigaset smart speaker can play exactly what you want to listen to. The 15-watt RMS music output ensures an outstanding audio experience. What's more, the various operating modes enable playback using streaming services (e.g. Spotify, Amazon Music) and external devices via Bluetooth and AUX input.

Control your smart home

Want to get ready for work, switch off the lights and activate your alarm system all at the same time? Thanks to the Gigaset smart speaker with Alexa, you can multi-task in the mornings. With the Gigaset smart speaker, you can also use voice commands to control all Alexa-enabled devices. This means that you can conveniently control your Gigaset smart security alarm system, radio or coffee machine using voice commands. One sentence is all it takes to intelligently control your home, increasing both security and comfort.

Overview of all additional features

  • Send messages conveniently
    Send and receive voice messages with the smart speaker.
  • Smart time management
    Set an alarm or timer easily using voice commands.
  • Up-to-date information
    Get updates from your calendar, the weather forecast, traffic and sports results at any time.
  • Planning made easy
    Create or manage your shopping lists without having to reach for a pen and paper.
  • Digital encyclopaedia
    The Gigaset smart speaker answers your questions.
  • Alexa is constantly learning
    Alexa gradually learns new functions and skills. Call a taxi, order a pizza and more.



What else should I know?

Privacy protection

The activation word "Alexa" starts the conversation with your Gigaset smart speaker. If the activation word is not recognised and the light ring does not turn blue, voice recordings will not be managed or stored in the Cloud. And if you wish, you can switch your smart speaker to "mute" at any time. If the microphone on/off button is pressed, the power supply to the microphones is stopped and a red light turns on.

How do I delete my data?

When you talk to Alexa, a recording of the question is forwarded to Amazon's servers so that the systems for speech recognition and natural language understanding can process and answer your question. Amazon also uses your questions to improve its services, including optimising speech recognition and language understanding systems. You can check the voice recordings associated with your user account, manage how your voice recordings are used in the development of new functions and delete voice recordings individually or all at once.

Data protection

We at Gigaset take the protection of our customers' data very seriously. We make sure that your data is protected and used only for the intended purposes in accordance with the data protection regulations. The complete privacy policy is available at: www. gigaset.com/privacy-policy.


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