Gigaset DL580


Gigaset DL580

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An easy-to-use telephone with big keys and illuminated display.
  • Large ergonomic keys and a well-lit display
  • Sound-boost-key for extra loud volume setting
  • Optimal call signalling through an LED 
  • 4 programmable direct-dialling keys for important phone numbers
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Phone book for up to 99 entries

Easy life: the DL580 is a part of the Gigaset life series.

Ergonomics, comfort and safety – this is what Gigaset’s DL580 corded telephone stands for. It is easy to use and combines the best quality with the challenges that come with age. Gigaset’s devices from the life series have all the features you want when making a call:

  • Clear and intuitive usability, for example the menu navigation
  • Optimised voice quality and articulation through a flexible user profile and volume settings
  • Easy to read with big letters and a contrasting display
  • comfortable haptic feedback and user-friendly keyboard

Easy to understand: excellent audio quality with a sound-boost function.

Gigaset DL580’s main selling point is the sound. With its flexible and adjustable volume (with a sound-boost function), the device allows people to make calls comfortably. Thanks to an adjustable loudspeaker volume, you are also able to enjoy hands-free speaking with excellent acoustics. This easy to use and comfortable telephone offers amazing audio quality and is compatible with hearing aids.

Don’t miss a thing: louder ring tone and an ideal call signal.

Now you won’t ever miss a call! The ring tone can be set to 7 different volumes and it gets louder as it continuously rings. An LED on the front of the device will blink in order to show the user that someone is calling.

See better: clear display with big writing.

From every point of view – the device is easy to notice thanks to its size and well-lit display. Furthermore, the adjustable display contrast (with 3 different options) ensures that names and telephone numbers are very clear on the display.

A self-explanatory and intuitive user interface makes using the device child’s-play.

Easy to use: ergonomic keys for comfortable phone calls.

Tactile haptics, big keys and noticeable pressure points – with the Gigaset DL580 making calls is even more comfortable than ever before. Ergonomic keys allow for a comfortable way of choosing which number to call. In addition, with four programmable keys (A-D) you can store your most important contacts which you can call directly. As a result, you can reach your loved ones even quicker with just the click of a button. The “A” key is marked red in order to save a particularly important number and therefore being able to find the key immediately in case of an emergency.

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