Gigaset Full Display HD Glass Protector (GX4)


Gigaset Full Display HD Glass Protector (GX4)

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For Gigaset GX6
  • The extremely hardened glass film protects your display against scratches and increases the breaking strength
  • The oil and dirt-repellent coating keeps the surface clear and ensures it is easy to clean
  • The highly-transparent material maintains the clarity of your display as well as your touch screen's high level of sensitivity
  • Easy, bubble-free application

Perfect protection for your Gigaset GX4

The Full Display HD glass display protector for the Gigaset GX4 is a screen protector made from flat, tempered glass that covers the entire front surface of the device thanks to its slim design. The shape of the Full Display HD glass is optimised to guarantee full protection against scratches, falls and dust while ensuring that the phone remains easy-to-use and fully functional. The glass fits perfectly and comes with an anti-fingerprint coating, thereby preserving the excellent feel of the original glass. Fitting the screen protector is simple, so even inexperienced users will be able to fit the protector in a matter of seconds without trapping any air bubbles.

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Gigaset Full Display HD Glass Protector (GX4)

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